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The Peruvian Bug that Wasn’t

Just to say: no ‘dry socket’ has set in! The Terminator is also fine… eye almost completely regenerated. I asked what Mum’s friends thought of her glowing red eye; one of them said she’s not in the least bit bothered by such things. Smug… humph. But one does get used to it.

I got a sore throat after my visit to the dentist; I suspected that same night it was coming, but it didn’t properly materialize till the next night. I googled it (as one does) and found other folks complaining about the same thing. Some people said they always got one after a dental visit. A commenter told one of them it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the dentist, as germs take 2-3 days to incubate, and it was more likely to be a bug that was coming already. But I’m generally suspicious of such sweeping assertions! Perhaps some germs are quicker than others to get their skates on.

As the dentist had just returned from Peru, I was hoping it wasn’t an exotic Peruvian bug (it might have been kind of exciting if it was) but whatever it was has gone now.


Diving back into Bryce. Will read all your blogs again tomorrow. :mrgreen:

Oh… how about a poll?



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4 thoughts on “The Peruvian Bug that Wasn’t

  1. Oh dear…I’ve been battling with a stop/start cold/sore throat for the last week or so, it just doesn’t seem to want to make it’s mind up! Hope your throat is clearing up a bit and that the terminator is returning to normal 🙂

  2. Oh Dry Socket! That’s tantamount to swearing as far as I’m concerned. I didn’t have it the last time I had a tooth extraction but on the 3 previous occasions is was rampant, painful, tear-making and anti-social. On one occasion I even had to opt out of a birding trip – the final injustice.

    I’ve just had a dental check-up and, for the first time in decades, came away with just a clean!

    Glad your sore throat has disappeared though Diddums!

  3. Ooch, sounds like dry socket is definitely something to avoid. I’m glad you got off with a clean last time, though that can be an uncomfortable process too! I say that with feeling as I had one done today. (No sore throat this time!)

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