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Dabbling in Bryce

(Splutter… a slap of seawater down the wrong way).

A little sea picture from Bryce 5.5 (Mac version):

Sparkling sea waves with stormy clouds behind

It looks a bit bare… no boats, birds, swimmers or paddling dogs! No seaweed or barnacle-encrusted rocks. No planes in the sky with vapour trails, nor even a single rainbow.

But it took me all today and all yesterday to come up with something I was happy with!

I found that:

my sea waves didn’t look like waves;
the horizon left a bare-looking, cloudless gap above the waves… or the waves refused to go all the way to the horizon;
some materials and skies worked better than others… till something changed and I had to choose another;
reflections and shadows weren’t always where I wanted them, and I didn’t know how to pin them down (things can disappear completely if they move out of shot!);
the stars were either too gritty or too faint;
the comets were too faint;
the moon was too pink, and sometimes had a strange blue outline…

There’s no way I’m adding birds and boats; the waves are as much as I’m up to (and sometimes over my head)! But none of these woes have put me off. I’ll go through Robin Wood’s tutorials again; there’s a lot to grasp the first time round, but I notice that some things are already making more sense.

If you’re interested in trying it for yourself, Bryce 5.5 (for PCs and or Macs) can be downloaded free from CNET Downloads, or direct from the DAZ site. If it gets a bit hard, just dabble… it will start to come together in the end. Enjoying yourself is the most important thing.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

3 thoughts on “Dabbling in Bryce

  1. Diddums, dear, your picture is amazing!!!! I’ve lived around oceans, gulfs, rivers, etc. all my life (not all at the same time :-)) and that is totally a wave full of energy just pulling up moments before cresting!

    The light is incredible in this, and I just can not imagine how you achieved something so cool!

    Hats off! (I would even put on a hat so that I could doff it in recognition of your artistry!)

    Greatly admiringly,

    1. Aw… thanks, Shu. 🙂 (Hug).

      What kind of hat would it be? I used to have a little blue denim hat… it was sweet. One of my bears is wearing it now, I think!

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