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Piggin Handel

I’ve a feeling it was Pete who said that blog posts are like buses. You wait for ages, and finally three come along at once. I try not to crowd them all together, so it can put me in a bit of a quandary.

Anyway, maybe I’ll just put this one in as a scheduled post, so I can type it now (right after publishing ‘Brycian Worlds‘) and it will come roaring up to the blogstop by itself later!

In town today I was feeling absolutely allrighto. No wooziness or giddiness or wanting to crawl into a dark shadow somewhere. And there were enough people around, so sometimes you really have no idea why on some occasions you feel woozy and want to go home, and other times you’re perfectly happy.

At least… I say there were enough people around, but I’m trying a bit hard to convince myself of that. We generally had plenty of elbow-room. When people started treading on our heels in one narrow little street, I got a tad unhappy again, but then we escaped into our new favourite coffee shop (the last one closed down) and I forgot all about it.

The only thing that it seems to positively confirm for me is my theory that I need long rests from things! The more I do something or go somewhere, the more stressed out I get. But if I take a break and stay at home for a while, and get really involved in some project of my own (like Bryce), then the next time I go out, it’s as though the ‘stress slate’ has been wiped clean. “All good things in moderation”, they say!

Anyway… I bought an old record (see the following photo). The manager of the charity shop was sadly disappointed when she said something about Handel being on TV, if I was interested, and Mum popped up and gave away my guilty secret: “she only bought it for the picture!” And everybody rolled their eyes and sighed.

Whaaaatt?? A picture takes just as much work as a piece of music, and deserves as much appreciation… LOL.

(Click photo to see bigger size).

PS: When I went to upload the Handel photos, I reached round to attach my card reader to the Mac’s tail, and accidentally knocked something down behind the desk! I hadn’t seen it was there. It was a small glass pyramid (the one in the photo below).

It was such a solid, heavy thing, though, that it came down with a crash. I was worried it had smashed into smithereens, but when I crawled under the desk to get it, it was intact.

I think it was Mum who gave it to me, and it looks nice on window sills with the sunshine streaming through it, and then it gets in the way when you go to pull down the blinds. So it ends up not on the window sill; instead lurking in a dark, dusty corner behind the iMac.

Looking at it just now, I was thinking “but what is it FOR?”

From the expression on his face, I don’t think the Piggin is sure, either.

Large cuddly Piggin pig sniffing clear glass pyramid paperweight
Piggin Paperweight!


I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

2 thoughts on “Piggin Handel

  1. Haha, it’s pretty funny when you find things hidden around your room isn’t it? My room is currently crammed full of boxes from uni that I need to go through…eeek, been putting it off for too long! By the way, what exactly is Bryce?

  2. Bryce is a 3D art application… you can get 5.5 free from CNET downloads or the DAZ site. There will probably be another post or two from me on the subject! 😀 It can be frustrating but you get some nice images from it, though mine are still pretty basic.

    The university stuff… I still have a box of letters from those days. 🙂 I was thinking I should go through them and write my memoirs, LOL!

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