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Yes We Have No Lychees

I made ‘Thai spring rolls’ (not terribly authentic looking). They tasted quite pleasant but I didn’t make them very well.

I did better at the fruity sorbet… it’s the first time I’ve used my ice-cream maker, and had plans to make a lychee sorbet. Unfortunately there isn’t a single tin of lychees in town! I looked in two supermarkets, three health food shops and a delicatessen. I even checked the small cheese shop. Not a single tin of lychees.

I decided to replace them with mangoes, but there were no mangoes in the local supermarket. No fresh, and no tinned!

There was one tin of mangoes at home, and a tin of peaches, so this is the hammed up recipe I ended up making:

Yes We Have No Lychees Sorbet

Tin of mangoes in syrup (approx 400g)
Tin of peaches in syrup (approx 400g)
Zest of one lime
2 tbsp lime juice
approximately 3 tbsp stem ginger syrup (with a couple of lumps of stem ginger)

Drain both tins of fruit, keep the syrup. Blend the fruit in a food processor with stem ginger syrup, lime juice and zest. Mix the purée with the syrup from the fruit tins, and pop it in the ice cream maker for about 30 mins.

I froze it afterwards… about two and a half hours later it was good, but probably could have done to freeze a bit longer.

I couldn’t figure out how Mum’s big food processor worked, as none of the bits seemed to fit each other! So I dug out my own tiny food blender from university. I had to blend each tin of fruit separately and stir them together later, but at least I knew how to use the machine!

It tasted very fresh, very nice. 🙂 But I still wish I could have found the lychees.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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