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Losing My Way in the Comments

I find comment hierarchies confusing… on this blog, I put all my replies in the one main comments place by writing in the main reply box right at the bottom. But I notice now that each individual comment has a little ‘reply’ link under it. (How long has it been there?)

Now I’m wondering if folks get my replies when I’m not hitting the individual reply links? Would that nix the usual method of doing a big ‘answer everybody’ comment such as “Aaron — I hear you; Beth — still laughing!”?

DeviantArt does something similar, and it catches me out every time. I dash off a reply and then realize it will never get in that person’s inbox.

More scrabbling about in the WordPress helpfile coming up…



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2 thoughts on “Losing My Way in the Comments

  1. I think if you like ‘answer everybody’ comments, keep doing them. It just allows you to put a comment beneath another one and indented. It’s useful for when someone starts a tangent from the main thread of discussion.

    1. Ta… I was experimenting under ‘Thank You for Choosing Aw Diddums’, and you got a separate little reply there.

      I was wondering if it meant that, if a commenter ticked the little box saying “notify me of any follow-up comments”, that he/she wouldn’t get a notification if I didn’t reply directly to that comment… but as far as I’m aware, they are notified of all comments to that particular blog post! I’m probably fussing about nothing.

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