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Having Fun

Was just thinking about everyone pursuing their own interests and projects… Can you spot your own? They might be spread through the list:

making bags
playing and making computer games
family history
writing up old diaries
photographing cats and dogs, and enabling them to write their own blogs
photographing churches and birds
receiving friendly flower pots from men with dubious T-shirts
spending time with one’s new girlfriend
going to concerts and having albums signed
returning to one’s roots
selling prints
setting up new websites
starting new blogs
making coffee and buying beautiful coffee pots
collecting and photographing lambananas
the martial arts
seeing Shakespeare plays
indulging in DIY or general house maintenance
having building work done
running and exercising (when injury permits)
going to festivals
studying human nature (or specific weaknesses)
finding new and more successful ways to lose weight
making new Photoshop brushes and textures
creating Mandalas and Zentangles
attending writing groups
issuing (or following) writing prompts
composing verse
spotting moons and planets
listening to old tapes and records
keeping notes and quotations of what one has read
keeping a written record for one’s child to read later
watching fashion and celebrities
buying jewellery
discussing difficult issues
challenging difficult policies
driving top-down with the wind streaming through your hair
training and showing horses
Turkish history
Moomins and Moomin memorabilia
going to the British seaside and watching pale creatures eating ice cream
sewing costumes
making jam
bottling beer
spending time on Facebook, Stumbleupon and/or Twitter
reviewing books and films
cooking and baking
hiding in the woods

Those who say bloggers have no lives of their own have no idea what they’re talking about.

Then there are my own pursuits and interests:

making desktop wallpaper and inflicting it on the universe
photography (digital, for the time being)
fractal art
3D art (it’s just on hold till I get a stronger and faster computer)
blogging!! (sometimes)
keeping (and backing up) private journals
writing stories (very rusty — I need remotivation)
hoarding pens and pencils
collecting bears (and hanging out with small purple dragons)
trying out, buying and wearing new perfumes. I’ll never be a bottle collector as such.

I’m also quite enjoying making new dishes, but I’m such a slow, got-to-scrub-every-last-grease-spot-off-everything cook that I don’t experiment very frequently. The next menu I’m planning involves spring rolls with a few Thai side dishes. I don’t really talk about cooking on my blog, because they are recipes from books; I can’t publish them and say “look; my grandmother’s own time-honoured recipe!” Not to say I don’t have any… hmm, there’s a thought.

Reading… they say everybody loves reading and it’s a cliche to include it in any list of pursuits; but that’s not true, as not everybody reads. (Perhaps they don’t read blogs either, or perhaps some do!) I’m currently working through a Cleopatra novel almost as long as War and Peace, and it’s just as enjoyable.

I’m still running my snapshots through the pipe of Photomatix Pro, with varying results. Some look really good right away, but you can tease others for ages and they’re just a little brighter and more colourful than they were to start with. It’s to be expected, really.

I created a completely random HDR image on the Mac which turned out nicer than I was expecting (though a little hotly coloured in places), but then the Toshiba laptop spotted it, got its evil mits on it, and the following is the result! (Click to enlarge).

Awaiting the Magic Hour

Software used by the Toshiba was Paint.NET with some added plugins.

My sister enquired “are the crumbs not tasty?” and I said “they’ve been HDRed… they’re probably toxic.”



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

7 thoughts on “Having Fun

  1. PS It annoys me how web images without a tag look so much paler than the original… like that kindly-optimized-by-Wordpress one on my blog post! If you click on it, it looks a little better.

  2. I clicked on it and got the strangest sensation. Felt like I was the white ruffled angel at the top of a Christmas tree, looking down and wanting to step into the world I could finally see. I’m no angel, so it was quite an experience. Thanks,


  3. I understand what you mean about not everyone reads. My parents and my brother read books if it is something they need to know more about. Other than that, they read magazines. I read anything I can get my hands on that interests me at the time.

    They (my family) always called me “bookish” and I guess that is the closest word you could get. I am always reading something; I never leave the house without a book in my purse/bag. One never knows if they’ll get stuck on the road where traffic will not be moving for hours or the person you were going to meet for dinner can’t make it. (I can’t eat dinner by myself somewhere unless I have a book to hide in, it makes me to self conscious and anxious [hiding in a book is okay though].)

  4. Hi Karin, books can be a life-saver that way! They have helped me on long train journeys (I don’t much like travelling on my own, but a book helps).

    Thanks, Elizabeth… that turned the scene right round for me, as I saw it as a world one would enter, not a world one was leaving! Interesting change of perspective.

  5. Hi Karin,
    I just discovered your blog and this beautiful list, really inspiring. I myself make photoshop brushes, scrapbooking but also enjoy making pictures of my two adorable cats.

  6. Thanks, Silvia… I would love to try my hand at scrapbooking. What usually holds me back is fearing to make a mess of the new paper and other bits! LOL.

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