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Yesterday (and an HDR-related rant)

Yesterday’s journal entry (Tuesday)… edited.

Wish I’d written my dream this morning — but I didn’t.  Something about Mum and I watching something flying overhead and coming in to land. It looked like a huge phoenix trailing stars in its tail, and was something we used to know well but hadn’t had for ages — and  it wasn’t a living thing as such; it was abstract — an ideal or a quality. We were pleased to see it, and I waved at it and cried “hiya there!”

I was sufficiently disturbed to stir in my sleep and think “that’s ridiculous, even for me!”

Another HDR day. Downloaded a PC version of Photmatix Pro… seems my licence allows me to use both Mac and PC on separate computers… provided they’re for me. I got bored waiting for the Mac to chug through every random snap I had ever captured. It sometimes took several minutes, aligning them and removing noise. Anyway, I thought while I was working on one, I could be waiting for the other (no, that didn’t come out how I meant).

Wrote a blog post about HDR. Also surfed around a bit to find if there was a difference between exposure fusion and HDR (or even just the usual layers, masks, dodging, burning and blending in Photoshop or a darkroom)… it’s debatable.

I feel annoyed with those telling the rest of us what we can and can’t do. “We’re so sick of all that bad HDR!” Admit it, they’d complain about aliens if they started visiting our planet. “But they don’t look REAL.”

We should come to terms with the fact that people want to be able to try things out for themselves. More than that; the internet allows us to show others what we have achieved. These days you will be seeing HDR at all levels by folks with widely different tastes (tastes of high dynamic range!), and I think that’s more exciting than leaving the field entirely to the skilled and the accepted. More than that, if we keep working at something, we will get better, so we are seeing a mixed bag of people at different levels of skill. There’s nothing wrong with that either… I keep coming back to the idea that it’s more destructive to complain than to get involved and try everything that’s going. I don’t know who wrote the rule book about things like that; I’d tear it up if I was handed one.

Pete put some of his latest photos on his blog and I liked one of a window onto sky. He said I could use them, so I snagged it and tonemapped it in Photomatrix! And I really like the outcome. Sent him that and an Orton’s effect one.

Reading about a comet and portents in the Cleopatra novel. She looked out of her window at the night sky and lo! There was a portent flying overhead. Everybody took it as a message for themselves personally. They are going to be the heroes or heroines who save the land. But I bet I’m the only one who waved and shouted ‘hiya!’

Click both to see the details more clearly. The top one is admittedly oversharpened, but that’s the drawback to using JPEGs off the web. Found a link to an Orton’s Effect tutorial, though I didn’t use it in the picture above. Thanks to Pete for the source image! It was taken at Raglan Castle.



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4 thoughts on “Yesterday (and an HDR-related rant)

  1. Exposure fusion is what some people would call a HRI (high range image) as opposed to a HDR (for high dynamic range). I think it’s all subjective though.

    I just hate it when people new to HDR think it’s an excuse to super saturate every last inch of their photos.

    And lastly, while photomatix is great, I’m loving Lucis even more. Check it out, it goes MUCH faster and works from within photoshop.

  2. Thanks Andy, I’ve not heard of Lucis. I’ll have to check it out!

    I admit I don’t like all of the heavily saturated ones, but each to their own. 🙂 I noticed in the HDR book that a number of the photos leaned well towards strong reds and oranges, but there were some lovely pictures.

    I’ve realized over the past few days that my Toshiba laptop is showing much ‘whiter’, less saturated pictures than the Mac, which makes sharing work between them a bit of a problem… plus, it’s worrying, because I don’t know what everyone else is seeing! Aiee….

  3. Portents… Reminds me on Friday my mum said that it rained on her because she broke some superstition. And it made me wonder what all the other thousands of people it rained must have done to get rained on as well…

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