…and I thought CATS were impossible to photograph.


6 responses

  1. Yay bees!

    Bumble bees are too cute, but honey bees need love too.

  2. I can imagine it must’ve been difficult to capture these 🙂 they look good though, I like the top photo and the one below it on the left!

  3. oh they are a right pain. you need a fast shutter speed and a fast focusing lens

  4. Nice photos – they’re the bees knees 🙂

    They’d be a complete blur if it were me…

  5. Oh, these are marvelous pictures – make me feel like I’m looking into a magical kingdom that is happening around me that I’ve missed out on! WOW, Diddums, you are awesome photog!


  6. Thanks all… I like the colour of the flowers; it seems to rescue the pictures to an extent. But those bees are so quick… in and out in about three seconds!

    Hi Pete, I read somewhere that if the lens is slow at focusing, manual focus might save the day… I expect that takes a bit of getting used to as well!

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