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Poppa Sam

A rather shaky photo of Samson, as he was moving quickly, but a keeper, I think. Have also been trying out some Photoshop tips from camera magazines (my sister gave me a bundle of old ones for my birthday). The problem with it is that I keep seeing other cameras and wondering if they would be better than the one I have! Low priority, I would say…

Cat licking his own nose

PS: I was reading my camera instruction manual at bedtime (as one does) and found a bit where it says if a battery is running out too quickly, it might need to be replaced with a new…. battery! Not camera! I know, bang goes the excuse. In my case I think the battery is plenty good; it’s the way I autobracket everything and use RAW files as well as large JPEGs… the cards are hard-pushed to keep up, never mind the battery. On top of that, the new zoom len uses a lot of power in image stabilizing. It can be turned off if the camera is very steady and won’t shake, but today I was lazy and left the tripod indoors.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

8 thoughts on “Poppa Sam

  1. Oh, Diddums! Samson is looking exceptionally yummy! (Or maybe looking like he was eating something exceptionally yummy :-)). You captured a lot of apt personality with that shot. Think what you could do with a new ….. battery? camera? 🙂

    You take wonderful pictures, and I do really love pix of your kitties, those gorgeous beings!


  2. Feeling the need for a stronger camera is the best excuse one can have. 🙂 Looking at what others have done with ‘my’ camera, though, makes me realize it’s not finished with me yet. Loads still to learn…

    Think big.

    Thanks Shu! Samson was washing his coat; maybe it tastes like honey. 🙂 He also seemed to be looking out of the window at something, which helped the camera get those big orange eyes…

  3. have you tried using faster cards?

    what do you use?

    new cameras are nice (says the man with two who always seems to want a new compact! ) but you are taking nice pics.

    the only thing you may really gain with a new camera is better high iso.

  4. I have three CompactFlash cards: SanDisk 512MB (a freebie from Canon); Jessops 1GB (bought with camera); SanDisk Extreme III 4GB (bought from Amazon a month or so ago).

    The 512MB is used up within minutes; the 1GB lasts for the first 15 minutes of a walk! The 4GB is much better and can get me round a 50 min walk (depending on how much I’m shooting) but takes an hour to download to the computer.

    I can keep rotating the cards, provided I delete the images off after downloading. I should really cancel the JPEGs as they’re not needed when I have RAW, but RAW files are slower to open. JPEGs may not be space savers but they are time savers. Meanwhile, if I autobracket my shots (can be a bacon-saver), I’m taking six photos every time I press the shutter. 🙂

    I would love less noise and would get a new camera if it was superior that way; sky and cloud photos seem to be particularly noisy. I have looked at noise-reducing software but I don’t really want less sharp pictures…. a dilemma.

  5. I didn’t know one could get dual slot readers! That’s interesting. Sometimes I do have a couple of cards to download, but they would both be CF cards.

    I have a SanDisk ImageMate CF reader.
    It’s probably just that the Mac can’t do USB 2.0. Using the same CF reader and downloading to the Toshiba laptop (which I only did once) was speedy.

    The Mac can do Firewire, though; I never thought of looking to see if there’s a Firewire card reader! Then the Toshiba can keep the ImageMate. (Smacks head).

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