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My Friend the Dust Bunny

In our ongoing battle against flea and allergens, I was cleaning under the bed and found a moth. First I hoovered, then cleaned round the skirting board, then Mum came up with her wizardly shampooing machine and shampooed the carpet. Every time we moved the bed to the side, the poor moth was exposed and had to duck back under it. I said that I wasn’t sure if it was a moth or something else, and Mum said “perhaps it’s the famous dust bunny.” Finally it got fed up with us, and disappeared.

I was a little sad, thinking perhaps I had chased it out to its death or something, but later at night, I crawled into my spick and span bed (everything washed and the mattress vacuumed) with my two bedside lamps (the small halogen lamp on its own cast deep shadows across my journal and I couldn’t see what I was writing, so I used Mum’s big craft lamp. The two of them working together make the room almost as bright as when the main light is on! And shadows begone).

Anyway, I started writing in my journal, and suddenly there was the ‘dust bunny’, flitting around the room. It didn’t seem interested in the lamps… just flew around and rested on the wall. It came and buzzed around my head a few times, as though to say “there, now it’s my turn to annoy you. See how you like it!”

I felt a bit better.

Talking of my clean bed — Mum thinks I’m overfussy about it, as  I’m always washing it; I can’t bear to get into a bed that isn’t fresh. But I stripped it right down to and including the base valance (which entailed pulling the heavy mattress off — turning it over as a good housewife is supposed to do. I expect Bree in ‘Desperate Housewives’ turns hers every week). I was amazed at the layers of stuff that I’ve got there:

base valance sheet (under the mattress and covering the base of the bed)
electric blanket (never used)
old mattress protector
folded pink underblanket
memory foam mattress topper (really comfortable… Sharky got to sleep with me on it in his last week or so and loved it)
quilted mattress protector (to keep the topper clean!)
two pillows
two pillow protectors (anti-allergenic)
two pillow cases
duvet protector (these are strangely hard to find)
duvet cover
teddy bears…

No wonder the dust bunny loves me.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

2 thoughts on “My Friend the Dust Bunny

  1. I didn’t know they made duvet protectors…I thought that was what a duvet cover was…*blush*
    Learn something new every day 🙂

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