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Battling Creepy Hoppies

A couple of days ago, something crawled up my leg in the bathroom — looked suspiciously like a flea, but I didn’t have my glasses on. Maybe our anti-flea attack hasn’t entirely succeeded. Mum said she and Dad rented a bungalow in Madras with a parquet floor, but when they walked in, they were mobbed by dog fleas. They had to clean the place thoroughly, and there was a special wax they used on the floors.

I must have reminded her of that when she said she hadn’t seen any fleas herself, though I’d been complaining for some time. I was looking carefully at the carpet (after several shampoos) and said I couldn’t see anything either… then said I should put a cat down where I was looking, and perhaps a host of black specks would appear and start converging on the cat.

Over the past weeks or months I’ve been spending more time watching TV with Mum. Sometimes I take my Toshiba laptop downstairs and set it up on the card table, but it’s not online there. Perhaps her recent bouts of sickness rattled me, and I feel guilty and lonely shut away up here. But I miss my online experience, my pictures, email friends and blog-reading. The Mac’s the best for working with pictures, though, and I can hardly lump that downstairs every night.

Sometimes I think I’m dreaming my life, not living it. I dream a novel, story, blog post, email, picture — and it’s as though I’ve already done them. Only they never are done — I just hug the thought of them to me, and feel warm because of their possibility. I dream a clean kitchen, sorted drawers, tidied bookshelves; a perfect life in which I’ve done everything right and nothing wrong. Part of me lives in a warm country, having dinner parties and going swimming and in general not worrying about anything. There is no blot on the landscape, crocodile in the river or spider in the boot. If I try any of the things I was planning, they might not work out. So I dream.

Going downstairs now, to watch Red Dwarf. Makes a change from Who Wants to be a Millionaire (though I was pleased last night because I knew the Santa Fe trail ends in Missouri! Must have read it on the internet…)

Dream a Lie by UB40. Wish I could listen to it but can’t hear anything till these aids are fixed. Another email I keep dreaming I sent!



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

5 thoughts on “Battling Creepy Hoppies

  1. Just stopped by to say hi. Been a bit busy around here and looks like it might stay that way for a while. OOOOOOOOOH, fleas, yuck and that goes double for any kinds of creepy crawlies. I used to publish a writers zine called SpiderInk, but I still swat first, think second. See you soon, I hope,


  2. We get a product called “Advantix” from the vet that works wonders on fleas and ticks. It’s kind of pricey, but boy does it work.

    We also have a little flea trap like this one. It has a little light bulb in front of an adhesive strip, and when the fleas are attracted to the heat, they get stuck. If you got one of those, at least you’d know for sure whether or not you had fleas in the carpet.

    Moving on, have you ever seen the movie Waking Life ?

  3. “something crawled up my leg in the bathroom “. I’d be squeaking and down the hallway in a flash…but I have a super low tolerance for creepy crawlies.

  4. Elizabeth, thanks for looking in. Sent you an email about everything except creepy crawlies. 🙂

    Geo, I always leap back when encountering something I wasn’t expecting to encounter… I guess it’s a good survival tactic!

  5. Thanks, Thomas — our vet gives us Frontline; we treated all the cats with that; washed all their bedding and other loose furnishings; shampooed the carpets. I think it improved matters but there have been some surviving fleas. I hadn’t heard of the flea trap, I’ll have to consider that! We looked at flea powder, but it’s toxic. We would have to be sure of vacuuming it all up before letting the cats back in, and if one of the cats fell ill afterwards, even if unconnected, we would be wondering forever after if the flea powder had something to do with it. So we decided we would do without it… just keep washing, hoovering and treating the cats. 🙂

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