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Bloggy Frustration

Today I signed my first British Sign Language word to Mum. And it wasn’t ‘Mum’, it was ‘pen’. What else would it be?

There’s so much I want to blog about, but I’m hardly ever at the computer. I’ve been working on a post for BADD 2009, though that event is already over. It doesn’t help that my eyes are sore again, and I’ve gone back to the Lacrilube (‘artificial tears’ said the doc). My skin gets shiny round the eyes (it’s essentially Vaseline!) and people give you odd looks… they must think I’ve been crying or have got swine flu.

Talking of which, I would be so determined not to die of anything with such a name that I would get out of bed and change my own drip feeds.

Actually it makes me feel fluish, that Lacrilube; I hate it. I wrapped myself in a rug last night and went to sleep just to get away from it for a while. At the time that I fell asleep, Mum was watching a repeat of a murder mystery, and I was eventually woken by three bright flashes. I was glad I had my eyes closed at the time, and thought someone in the murder mystery was shooting someone else with a very bright gun. When I reluctantly peered through my moisturized eyelashes, there was grey fog on the TV. Closed my eyes… more white flashes… peered again… and realized we were now viewing boats and ships. Master and Commander, I think. Chasing or being chased by a French ship called the Acheron… the crew called it the Phantom.

Was wearing Ghost perfume at the time! Found a full bottle of it in a charity shop for £5.

Mum seems to like the little fair-haired boy in this film and says he’s very good. I thought he was rather wooden. My favourite is the ‘Jonah’ — such a nice face.

Hoping everybody is well…



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