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Photography Restrictions

I agree with Pete on the issue of restrictions on photography in the UK. It does sound very vague, and we could be doing ourselves a disservice. Apart from anything else, recent targets of terrorism have been ordinary citizens, and I don’t see how becoming paranoid about photography will reduce such risks. While we are doing that, are we going to reduce the number of CCTV cameras counted here by Pacian? Hmm, didn’t think so.

If you are a British citizen, there’s a petition against it… so far it has over 4,000 signatures. Some of my friends have signed it as well… they didn’t need much persuading. When I was saying I’d signed it, Mum looked grim and said “GOOD.” Though she may have been thinking about stories from friends of hers who were stopped from taking photographs at birthday parties and suchlike because there were children present.

Where will it all end?



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5 thoughts on “Photography Restrictions

  1. I was just reading a blog regarding the restrictions on taking photographs at youngsters sporting events. It seems to be always to the extreme. I appreciate anyone protecting my children but there has to be some middle ground.
    Very interesting blog post over at Pete’s.

  2. The restriction on taking photos of police officers is surely because they want to prevent the kind of thing that happened at the G20 protests – namely officers being caught in acts of brutality.

    Meanwhile, democratic protestors are routinely filmed and photographed by the police…

  3. I suppose there’s a ‘better safe than sorry’ ethic at work here, plus lawyers, hence everything being to the extreme. But there are other things to be sorry about when we take things that far, such as loss of freedom, no pictures in certain areas (which might have been good or valuable)… who knows?

  4. I can see not wanting pictures of everything you do, but I think if photos ar etakena nd proper coypright/privacy details are observed, really, what’s the big deal. Sure I’d like to think that if I do something in public it won’t happen to be recorded for the whole wide internet to see. I think the problem comes with people broadcasting private mements in people’s lives without their consent.
    I don’t see why we need pictures of everything…if it’s for police and such, if I have nothign to hide, I don’t much care, although in principle, I prefer privacy.
    I think there’s security and then there’s lunacy…and they are vvery close to each other !

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