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Temptation Aisle

With both Mac and PC struggling, I had high-falluting plans to buy a new computer with real power and space, something that wouldn’t make me wait three days to render a Bryce 3D picture or an Apophysis fractal. Sometimes I had to poke my old PC with a stick to get it to render at all.

I was waiting for this rumoured new chip in the iMac, and when it finally came, the prices seemed extortionate. Failing that, I was planning a high-falluting PC desktop with plenty of rendering power. But I got tired waiting…

One of Mum’s friends bought a Toshiba laptop from the supermarket. There was no model name on the box, and no specifications. What version of Vista did it run? How much RAM? No idea. I wouldn’t normally have touched it with a bargepole, but we went to help Mum’s friend set hers up.

It looked quite pretty, and it had wallpaper and games and a dinky little webcam (never had one before) and a nice shiny desktop and the specs weren’t as awful as I expected they would be… the screen was brighter and had a higher resolution than the old PC. In other words, I was tempted!

The supermarket also had laptop cases to fit; mine had a tiny mouse included. You look at it and think “ah, but I’ve got a mouse, and that looks cheap,” but it’s rather sweet, and there’s an LED on the top that glows all kinds of colours.

It’s faster, neater, prettier and roomier than my old PC — it makes me wonder why I waited so long. I’ve been enjoying using it so much that I’ve forgotten the old PC, and it’s still sitting there in the corner, behind the Toshiba… rather like No Face in Spirited Away: just lurking.



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