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Dragon Anklebiter

I was going to post this a couple of days ago but got such a headache I went away from the computer. I think too much white on the screen (or pale colours) have a bad effect on me, but aren’t always the primary cause. Unless I sit staring at them too long. Anyone else find that?

Geosomin posted this a few days ago about the claim that women love shopping because our ancestors were ‘gatherers’. I passed that snippet to Mum, and she said “no, women love shopping because they were hunters!”

I would love to say I don’t love shopping, but I suppose I do. I have a frightening number of dreams about shopping. But I don’t go ballistic about it; I don’t have a cupboard full of tottering shoeboxes, or racks of never-worn (no, wait a minute, we won’t go there!) But I know I don’t have the piles of clothes and shoes that other women have got in the habit of buying.

Bears, OK, but I don’t buy as many as I used to… most of the time now I walk straight past them, and buy a Dean Koontz paperback instead.

The thought of shopping nowadays just depresses me, because I know I don’t have room for anything new, I don’t need anything new, and I’ve seen what the local shops have and I don’t expect them to have anything new either. Ennui has set in.

For a while I was getting perfume, but stopped after I obtained my favourite few (plus bonus bottles from Mum) as I knew if I bought too much, I would never manage to wear it all before it went off.

Who could resist this little cherub, however?

Click image to view more clearly!

He was sitting in a basket of cheap teddy bears in Cancer Research, and I saw him on two or three separate visits. I kept picking him up and giving him a little squeeze, and finally Mum snatched him from my grasp and marched him to the till. She said to her friend (the volunteer at the till), “is this mad?” and her friend said “pretty mad!”
But if she knew the whole of it, she would be sending round the men (and women) in white coats.

When we got home, Mum passed me a note saying she was going to a certain coffee shop the next day to meet her friends, and did I want to accompany her? The dragon read the note carefully, then said “what’s this coffee shop thing?” and Mum said “only people are allowed there, not dragons.”
“They used to allow smoking,” I said, “but don’t any more.”
“Oh,” said the dragon, and opted out of the trip.

Today he was watching adverts about the necessity to quit smoking, and said sadly that people must be trying to stamp out dragons.
“You’re too young to smoke, anyway,” said Mum, and the dragon said “but all older dragons smoke. What will I do when I get older?”

Then some adverts came on for stuff to smear on your skin to get rid of spots, and he said that was people trying to get rid of spotty smoky dragons. I think he’s developing a bit of a chip on his shoulder… don’t you?

I’m still trying to think of a name for him… suggestions welcome!



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

4 thoughts on “Dragon Anklebiter

  1. Oh boy, you and I are on some sort of wavelength. I posted a pic and poem about a purple dragon this morning as well. His name is Neosafalus. When I decided to post him and his image, I googled the name to see if it had any meaning and came up absolutely blank, nada. I just googled it again and came up with two full pages on the post, lol. Needless to say, Neosafalus went up in the air and did a backflip or two and can’t stop grinning.

    When I saw your pic, your little cutie reminded me of something. A friend of mine would chant a child’s rhyme when things would get stuck in her head. She’d whisper, “Eyes and nose, fingers and toes, eyes and nose, fingers and toes…” over and over again until her mind cleared. Your little purple darling, with his golden fingers and toes, immediately made me think of that. Is Fingers and Toes too much of mouthful for him?


  2. He’s told me what his handsome, outgoing name is, and it probably wasn’t what you were expecting… it’s Stargazer! I went downstairs and he’d written it on a notepad. Maybe he has ambitions to go on trips with the Space Cat.

    That’s a coincidence about the purple dragons, Elizabeth! I didn’t know you had posted on the topic as well. I like the name you have for yours. I know what you mean about the fingers and toes… I nearly called the post Toes*c**r but decided to avoid it. Perhaps I’m too cautious!

    Wilton? Wilton Stargazer…. I’ll suggest it to him.

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