Donkey Kittens

I got bored waiting for my slow USB drive to finish backing up, so I dug out my camera…

A friend said she didn’t like the expression of the strawberry ‘kitten’ and wouldn’t trust it anywhere, and I said you can imagine how Shrek feels with these things around his house all the time.


6 responses

  1. There does seem to be a manic edge to him. I’d think I’d feel better if his ears weren’t pinned back quite so far.

  2. I find his expression to be…well..creepy for lack of a better word. Too manic a smile perhaps? Maybe it’s the eyes…not sure. 🙂

  3. He’s just had a little too much coffee.

  4. If he got at the coffee, it was when no-one was looking. He’s not allowed coffee, the little monkey. 😉

  5. To me, he looks as scared and nervous as some of the contestants on American Idol, but trying to prove he’s a good sport and can handle it, when he knows he is way in over his head.


  6. That made me laugh when I went back to look at the picture… he knows the camera is on him and he’s all hyped up, with his family round him. 🙂

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