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Latest News in My Dreams

Here we are, the latest news: Apple releases trio of long-awaited desktops.

Judging from the comments, there’s a certain amount of disappointment out there amongst the hoi polloi. My own question: where are the matte screens? My sister’s question: where’s SnowLeopard?

And why so dear? The other day I read something about prices being lower during recessions, and I said to Mum “so why is our recession different? Our prices seem to go up in a recession, not down…”
Mum said, “they will go down. Just wait. They will go down.”
“Apple put their prices up recently,” I said. “I read that it was because the prices of their components had gone up.” (?!! Why?)
“Then don’t pay those prices!” said Mum, sharply.

So… more waiting, for the prices to sink? How long will my Mac hold out? I get a lot of spinning beachballs. My ‘painting’ in wallpaper pictures is punctuated by little freezes and jumps of the cursor while the Mac processes something else. I’ve gone back to scooping files onto the external hard drives and deleting them off the computer, which is how I nearly lost 40 GB of digital art and scribblings a few months ago. At least this time I have two external drives.

Again, as I’m prone to headaches, I’m not happy about the glossy screens.

I apologize… the Mac hardware updates finally come out and all I can do is carp and stamp and have Diddumy tantrums.

The eagle-eyed amongst you might wonder what this news has to do with my dreams… typical Diddums, but how?

Well, it was quite strange. Last night I dreamed that I was busy making my wallpapers and taking cloud photos and reading my copy of ‘Digital Photography for Dummies’, and then the words ‘Ars Technica’ intruded themselves into my dream. I wasn’t quite sure what that was about, but said to myself that it sounded like the Latin for ‘art technics’ and probably had a lot to do with digital art.

I still wanted to know what it was about, and as dreams have a habit of disappearing, I kept repeating it to myself in my sleep, just so I would remember to check it out later. “Ars Technica…. Ars Technica…”

When I got up, I wandered downstairs to the kettle still murmuring, “Ars Technica, Ars Technica,” and Mum came into the kitchen but didn’t raise an eyebrow. She’s used to me…

Back upstairs with my coffee, I turned on the Mac and typed it into Google. It was such a strange term it couldn’t possibly come from anywhere, but you can type just about anything into Google and get a concrete result. It can be an interesting experiment.

The very first Google result was this: Ars Technica. “Ars Technica specializes in original news and reviews, analysis of technology trends, and expert advice on topics ranging from the most fundamental aspects…” (and there the Google description ran out of steam).

The second Google result was this: Infinite Loop – Ars Technica. If you looked more closely, it said ‘apple’ in the URL, but I was in a hurry, and didn’t notice.

The third Google result: Ars Technica – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. “Ars Technica (Latin for ‘Art of Technology’) is a technology-related website that caters to computer enthusiasts, …” (and there the description runs out again).

Art of Technology? So my dream translation wasn’t too far off! And I don’t remember hearing about or visiting this site before. Presumably I’ve read about it now and then but it never really showed up on my personal radar. It was just part of the surrounding sea.

I thought since I was there, I might as well read it. The main headlines didn’t look all that interesting. The only two to take my attention were:

2009 to be a nightmare for PC industry, says analyst

Pirate Bay: a guilty verdict is an attack on the Internet

Once, when trying out the ‘next random stumble’ button in StumbleUpon, I ended up on Pirate Bay. I got such a shock at the sight of that big black pirate ship that I sculled rapidly away on my little raft, wondering if anybody saw… and haven’t used the ‘random stumble’ button (or StumbleUpon itself) since!

And… if fewer people are going to be wanting desktop computers, prices should be coming down, not going up. Or so you would imagine.

I thought that was it. I might come back a few times, since it was now on my radar, but there wasn’t anything much there for me. But before I went away altogether, I looked at the Wikipedia entry. I got as far as the line “…regular columns (such as those relating to Linux and Mac OS X)…” and zoomed straight back to Ars Technica. Found a button that said Apple. Ended up on the Infinite Loop page (‘ars covers the world of apple’). Right at the top it said: “Rounding off another ‘Update Tuesday,’ Apple followed today’s sweeping desktop, router and AirPort Client upgrades with two software updates for users of Aperture, iLife ’09, and iWork ’09.”

“Sweeping desktop upgrades? Yesterday?” I thought — and we were off!

Thank you to Ars Technica, whose blog feed capabilities are second to none. I have just signed up to the Infinite Loop feed, as I can’t rely on your messages always reaching me in my dreams. In my blog feeds I usually sort feeds by how I came across the sites (WordPress Surf, Via Bloglinks etc) so how to file this one was a bit of a puzzler…



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2 thoughts on “Latest News in My Dreams

  1. I know…Macs are great but the price is always stifling. I have had good luck getting MAcs second hand. A lot of J’s friend/coworkers use them for editing mysic and video so they need upgrades to superfast ones relatively often, leaving their old (but still perfectly fine fo rthe likes of me) laptops available for resell cheaper. That’s how I picked up my laptop. It renders more slowly, but I’m not too fussy.
    Our old G4 tower is still going strong, but it’s largely a music/photo storage. It’s odd that since we moved it it randomly can’t get internet signal from out wireless, but the laptop in the same room will work just fine…wierd.

  2. That’s exactly the right word… ‘stifling’! You feel that if you stretch to a Mac, you won’t be able to afford anything else for the next three years. My current Mac is second hand too, which is why it’s already struggling with its workload…. sigh.

    I’ve sometimes thought of keeping old computers as storage, but usually get talked out of it. 🙂

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