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Years of Work and Play on Computer – Poof!

You know that sinking feeling you get when you think all your data has gone? Letters, spreadsheets, photos, work files, pictures, journals, short stories, emails. Even your novel, if you were writing one there. (Mine is about 500 words long and scrawled on a scrap of paper!)

Actually you don’t want to think about it at all. The thought nibbles round the edges of your mind…. “that picture I did of the flowers in the rainy garden… I was so keen to get it backed up. That’s gone. The picture of the little girl in the wood that took me days. And my electronic journal, for goodness sake — my every thought and activity from 2001 to 2004!”

There’s a fluttering feeling of panic when you start to think about spreadsheets and things, but you push them to the back of your mind. You don’t want to think about the really bad stuff till you have to. Or rather you won’t dwell on the really bad stuff, which comes sniffing round your slippers anyway.

So you do something else and tell yourself the data will all be there for when you want it. You go to sleep in a dejected frame of mind, and wake up pale and tragic.

It happened a while back and I didn’t really want to talk about it. I never talk much about the really depressing things.

I couldn’t store much on my Mac, so a lot of stuff was stored on my external hard drive, which was three times bigger than the Mac.

You realize what a bad idea it is, though, so you order a second external hard drive, even bigger than the first one. The idea is that it will back up everything that’s on the computer AND the first hard drive.

Your huge new drive arrives on your doorstep, and before you can even do anything about setting it up, you try to get something off your old external drive, and it’s not responding! The icon has disappeared off the Mac’s desktop.

Aargh, not yet! Not yet!

I looked online and tried removing all the cables and putting them back in after booting up the Mac… no use.

You can imagine how sick I felt about that. If you look at the picture at the foot of this blog post, I’d lost the master files for most of these and hundreds more. Each one is a full size desktop wallpaper; some took me days (using a mouse, not a graphics tablet)… and they’re just a drop in the ocean of what I’ve worked on. I was trying not to list them in my mind. Yes I was aware the flowers and the girl had gone. The pink glittery one had survived the chop, thankfully… sheer chance it wasn’t on the failed drive. I didn’t want to remember the planets, the dark jewels… oh gosh, the jewels! I must have spent weeks on those.


Then there was a ray of hope… DiskWarrior. It only works on Macs, rebuilding the directory, but it can save failed external hard drives too. I sent off for that, choosing the cheapskate delivery option (free!) which meant I had to bite my nails for about a week. I didn’t mind that, as I wanted to live in hope rather than be crushed all too soon. In fact, when it arrived, I put it off… had coffee, dusted my desk, backed up everything to the new hard drive, tidied folders, repaired permissions with Disk Utility, etc! Anything rather than actually try to access the failed drive.

Finally I could put it off no longer, and put the old disk drive on. The LED flickered helplessly, going nowhere. I set DiskWarrior to work, and after a longish silence, suddenly the failed drive’s LED steadied. It was as though a mailed fist had seized it and dragged it to a halt. That was the strangest feeling… the nearest I’ve ever come to feeling that software has a physical presence.

I held my breath, and after a little while, DiskWarrior said the drive was in such a state it couldn’t be rebuilt, but if I hurried, I might be able to get some of my data off. Recommended that I do it now. (You visualized a muscle-bound armour-clad knight holding a heavy gate open, saying “Come on now! Frogs, ladies and children first! All PDFs and spreadsheets to the back and wait your turn!”)

Oh yeah, all my stuff was there… the flower garden, the girl in the wood, my racing frogs, my journals, spreadsheets, fractals, horrible poetry… everything! Nothing seemed to be corrupted, though some backed-up PC files with long titles had strange garbled titles now. My cursor wandered longingly towards my graphics folder, but I decided the written data was more vital, and took that off first. It took a while to back it all up, but I put some on the PC as well as on the new drive (just in case the new one decided to fail the next day!) It’s just as well I did have the new drive there, because there wouldn’t have been room on the Mac itself for all of that stuff.

BUT now I was back to square one. I had all my data… and ONE working external hard drive! It was supposed to be two.

I bought a ubercheap one this time… much slower and simpler than the other two. There was no back-up software with it, but the software that came with the other one does the job. I reformatted it to suit the Mac (otherwise DiskWarrior wouldn’t be able to read it). I had in mind that maybe a cheap drive would chug along for years while the classier ones were failing right and left.

So now I have two external hard drives running… backing up the same data. The more expensive one is a bit… erm… I mean, it’s brand new, but keeps refusing to show up on the desktop. Taking the cables off and plugging them in again sorts it out, but gosh! I don’t have that problem with my little cheapie one. It’s always there. Slow and steady.

Maybe I should name my next frog that.

Wallpapers rescued from the failed drive

Click picture to enlarge (it’s about 100kb).



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8 thoughts on “Years of Work and Play on Computer – Poof!

  1. Wow! That page of wallpapers is incredible, wonderful images and colors. I’m drooling. No wonder you are worried about backing everything up.

    And yes that feeling, when you know that it’s all gone, perhaps forever, is sickening. What a wonderful recovery story. I’m so glad for you and all your lovely things.


  2. So do I! I am learning however, that there can be and is a balance, and as far as I’m concerned, you seem to have a much better handle on that than I do. The images are very inspiring. Thanks for sharing them.


  3. I’m trying to make more subtle wallpapers… I don’t think these very bright ones of mine are popular, but well… I like them, so I have some ‘saturated’ ones and a few more shaded-down ones. In theory…

    Hope you will share a few more of yours some time.

  4. Actually, most of the designs I am doing right now are copyrighted so I can’t display them online. It’s a bit frustrating but I would do the same if they were my creations and I put them out there for others to enjoy.

    Am thinking more and more of trying to create my own designs, but for right now am enjoying the coloring process way too much to slow down and do that.

    And again, if you like them and they make you happy that is all that matters.


  5. They are commissioned pieces?
    I would like to sell a few of mine but not sure how to go about it. dA wouldn’t count; I think we just get dA dollars, LOL.

  6. Not commissioned by me. Copyrighted by designers both online and in books. Most state that they can’t be used without express permission. So, am unsure that I can display them without penalty, or proper citing. And the citing might be a hassle because I got them in all kinds of places and of course, didn’t make notes in my rush to do so.


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