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My Email Address Wasn’t Working

I thought I better write a post about this, in case people have been emailing me (especially over the Christmas season), wondering why I wasn’t answering. My Bloglines email address hasn’t been receiving email… I looked at it today, and there’s a line that says “last updated Dec 5, 2008.”

That’s the date they were moving their data. The blog and news feeds at Bloglines have been well-behaved for some months, but I didn’t realize my email address had just stopped.

I’ve sent a query about it, so maybe it will be fixed, but meanwhile I’ve switched my blog contact to another email address.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

2 thoughts on “My Email Address Wasn’t Working

  1. I received my e-mail lovely. I just haven’t responded yet but I’m on it… 😮 It made me laugh when you said you were HW 43… 😮

  2. Thanks, Daffy; I’m glad my email got there — wasn’t quite trusting the Gmail much yet as I don’t use it a lot. It’s better than the Bloglines one, anyway! Fingers crossed they manage to fix it, as it’s quite handy.

    HW 43 thought she was going to the next town today, and only realized she wasn’t when her sister drove her to a lot just a few streets away, and parked. “Oh, was this where we were going? I thought the appointment letter said the next town, not our town!” Left to herself, it would be a very disgruntled HW 43 getting the bus back…

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