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Sleepy Saturday

I meant to put up a completely different post today, but we went out for supper and I’m still working on it. To fill in the gap, here’s my Saturday journal entry (edited):

Saturday 10th January 2009

I’m contrary; I sleep in when we’re going out, and get up early when we’re loafing. I spent most of the day reading (and finishing) Sole Survivor by Dean Koontz. It was quite good but I’ve developed the habit of skipping over the acres of text where he spins out the tension. Sometimes I enjoy those bits, but other times I just want to get on with the story.

I have been very sleepy all day — fell so much asleep after supper that my head kept falling forward. I don’t know how Mum dozes in her chair without doing that.

Checked the email quickly and found dozens of posts saying my Amazon DVDs are coming like a flock of geese. “Just shipped: Emma. Just shipped: Galaxy Quest. Just shipped: Charlotte’s Web.” So far I’ve not seen one saying they’ve shipped The Postman. Will he be delivered by Royal Mail?

That’s all the time I spent online, except a quick look at a site (same disappointing prices) which had a Product Recall of a child’s toy with a too-long strap (might choke the children). That’s ridiculous… there’s danger everywhere, every day, all around us. We all face it.

Only ‘significant’ thing of today was my dream this morning. Thor went out at night by himself, and next morning we found he had come face to face (in a dark lane) with something that terrified him so much that he arched his back, fluffed up his tail, bristled his whiskers, and yowled — he froze stiff like that and died. When we found him, I was regretful and sad, and angry with whoever had so coldly killed him.

Then when I got up and went downstairs, and was reading Sole Survivor, there was a hissy spat in the corner of the room… Cheeky was terrorizing Delilah, who was hiding under a chair. At first I wasn’t going to interfere, as Cheeky usually strolls away after the initial ambush… but then my dream stirred in me with a pang: how something evil had gone after my cat when I wasn’t around to help him. I got up and walked over, and Cheeky left the room.

Mum gave me her perfume bottle collection — reeking of rank old perfumes, some of which have leaked. You’d think I’d be pleased, but er…



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

7 thoughts on “Sleepy Saturday

  1. I don’t think I’ve seen Housewife 49… that’s the sort of thing that interests me, so I’ll be looking out for it! Actually got a little list of DVDs a-growing for my next batch.

    I’ve not seen Charlotte’s Web yet, though I’ve seen the various Babe films 2 or 3 times. Seems odd that Babe keeps cropping up and not C.W. I’ve heard that it’s good, though.

  2. I’ve got Houswife 49 here. I hate just keeping things for the sake of it when others can use them.
    Do you have an address you would be happy to give me and I’ll send it up… Victoria Wood is brilliant in this. It surprised me how watchable it was…

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