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My Secret Obsession

My Christmas 2008 Perfumes

I spent most of last night Photoshopping my Christmas stash of perfumes (for my blog). Some were gifts; others bought in the sales. I’ve attached a small copy of the picture. That one called Secret Obsession says it all… I didn’t tell Mum I’d bought it, and it’s hiding in a corner of my bedroom. I sneak in every so often, open up the box, and put a little on! That one’s going to be a classic.

Everything else in the picture is a gift from Mum, except the little bottle at the front with the lacy flower… that’s Mango Delirium.

I wonder if I go over the top when I’m ‘into’ something… I had the photo blown up really big and was working away on it, and Mum came in and said “in town tomorrow, don’t go buying any more perfume… that lady in Boots was giving you funny looks.”

“What?” I said, and looked at her as though she’d burst my balloon with a pin.

“Not really, it’s just that she looked up when we went back into the shop today, and said ‘oh, it’s you.’ ”

Having reduced me to a quivering wreck of embarrassment and self-loathing, Mum looked closer at the zoomed-in section of my photo, which was unrecognizable… and said “what’s that?”

I said “it’s just a picture,” and she had to go away without me telling her. It was the very corner of the Secret Obsession bottle.

It’s a funny story now when I’m telling it, but at the time I got depressed and said “I’ve decided I’m not going to town.”

“OK,” said Mum.

I think she’s just driven my new hobby underground… I will have to buy all my perfume secretly! In my defence, I’m hardly breaking the bank. Look at the picture: everything in it was bought by Mum, except for the Secret Obsession and Mango Delirium, which were both on my wish list for several weeks. I had Christmas money to spend… why not on the scents I wanted? It makes a change from CDs, books and bears, none of which she quibbles about. The collection on top of the Secret Obsession box were from charity shops, and the rest were half-price. Actually the big pink box was probably from a charity shop too, but brand new… the glass bottle was still glued to the back of the box.

The photo isn’t clear, so for those who love perfumes, they are as follows:

  • Brown bottle and golden tube: Secret Obsession.
  • Big pink box at the other side: Crabtree and Evelyn ‘Rose’.
  • Box of miniatures from Boots: Guerlain Insolence, Amarige, Ghost, Anais Anais, ange ou demon.
  • Small bottle with lacy pink flower: Mango Delirium.
  • Collection of bottles on top of the Secret Obsession box (from left to right): La Chique, Courreges in Blue, Boots Oceanus body lotion (nice).

There will be further reviews. 🙂



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3 thoughts on “My Secret Obsession

  1. What I like best about perfume is not the scent, it’s the lovely little bottles they come in. Almost everything else comes in bottles built solely for function, but perfume bottles put the emphasis on style.

  2. Underground? You call this underground? I’ve just spent the last two days with the jitters because I have finally turned my ‘secret obsession’ into yet another Word Press Blog, lol. I really do believe that you and I are on some sort of wave length, be it synchronicity, obsessions, authenticity, or something else all together.

    By the way, when my mother read my first ‘collection’ of poetry (senior thesis in college) cover to cover, she said that it was nice, but when I really got good at it, I could write about something else instead of just my own experience. Seeing as I write nothing except the personal, I obviously didn’t listen.

    But, getting back to you, I find your world of scents a delightful place. One that most of us don’t fully appreciate, or even realize is one of our primary sources of motivation. And I agree with Thomas (above) and the emphasis of such containers. Opening them always means taking oneself to a different place or space, even if it’s only to escape which ever one we need to get away from.


  3. LOL… underground from Mum, only it’s not really working. I get the perfumes anyway, if I see something I like enough at a sale price. You write good poetry.. I tried for a while, but mine were a bit tinselly. I also wrote some very short stories, which always stemmed from the personal.

    I know what you mean about being on the same wavelength… there’s plenty going on that’s the same.

    You are both right about the bottles… they’re why some perfumes are so expensive; they have to pay the bottle designers. They are part of the magic of the perfume world. It’s one reason why I want the J Lo Live… very pretty bottle.

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