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All the Best for 2009

Here’s hoping you all have a bright and breezy 2009!

The photo is of our Christmas tree, which I meant to photograph and blog about on Christmas Eve, but I got sidetracked by Christmas.

As you see, it’s a tall silver tinsel affair, and one has to bush out each branch, hook it on the trunk, and then wrap the lights round. I can hardly get my arms round it, and by this time it’s too bulky and is standing in place on the table… which means I can’t put it in the middle of the floor and walk round it! I did that last year, actually, but walking it over to the table when it’s done is definitely to be avoided, and all the branches get themselves unhooked again. This year I was hugging the tree to pull the fairy lights round, ending up with scratched arms.

Whether the lights look even or not, you decide you can’t face doing it all over again. You put the baubles on and discover you have to fetch the stepladder to reach the top branches. It makes you feel like someone in a Victorian picture, only there are no little girls, candles, daisy chains or puppies. We have a trillion tree decorations, packed carefully in lots of diddy boxes — I can’t ignore any, as I tend to feel that a glass bauble spurned is a glass bauble wasted. There are also my favourite decorations which must be used, regardless of condition, otherwise I will be peeved.

The tree is so tall on its table that the top light is just about brushing the ceiling (which I seem to remember it’s not supposed to, as we are now warned against everything… just as they are not supposed to touch our trillions of baubles). And as it’s in the window and I’m stretching already (round its massive girth) it’s hard to get the baubles neatly placed on the back of the tree as well.

I have to say it all looks very pretty once it’s up, and every single branch is adorned with something that shines, sparkles or glitters. I don’t think Christmas would be complete without it, now, though I must avoid such thinking. We convince ourselves that things always have to be a certain way and that such-and-such a day won’t be perfect unless… but it isn’t true.

And now it’s 2009… and the tree will have to come down again. Do you think I could hire someone else to do it?



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

12 thoughts on “All the Best for 2009

  1. Our favorite Christmas decoration isn’t the tree, it’s a little collection of depression-era snowmen my mother has had since she was a child. It’s too late for a picture this year, but with a little luck I’ll remember it next year.

    Happy New Year!

  2. THAT is a brilliant tree.
    Don’t ever skip it…I did this year as I was silly busy, and I really missed it.
    I’ll look at yours a lot…it helps 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  3. Lovely tree! We didn’t bother this year, partly because we were away, but mainly because we have a new kitten and you know how they are!
    All the best for 2009!

  4. Thanks. 🙂 The cats had a good go at ours too, by tugging on the table cloth… but after that they settled down underneath it, and chewed the decorations instead. Then they would fall asleep. Maybe the secret is to get a very big tree with something soft under it for them to nap on.

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