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Backing Away from Kissing Spots and Bears

Today in the supermarket, we came inside the front entrance with our shopping trolley, and I was looking at the vegetables. Then I noticed a large bullseye stuck to the floor, with the words ‘Kissing Spot.’

Hur? I took another few paces, thinking about it, then turned round and looked up. Hanging above the kissing spot was a gigantic bunch of artificial mistletoe.

Well, it made me smile. I suppose some people do go to supermarkets to check out the talent… they do! I’ve been asked out of the blue about cooking instructions but I’m sure it was just a ploy.

Supermarkets are the arena where life is played out; they’re the modern market place. Some years ago I was passing our supermarket at a distance, and there was an ambulance with a woman on a stretcher being lifted into it. She had a lot of bandaging on her head. As it was Christmas Eve, I’ve often wondered if she got caught up in a fight over the last frozen turkey.

There was a teddy bear hanging on a hook in the supermarket, and it said on his label “ALFIE SAYS”… Well, I wanted to know what he said, so I looked inside his label, and it said “I want you to kiss me and hug me and love me, and take me to bed… I’ll be your bear!” Or something of the kind. “Uh oh,” I thought, “mistake.” And put him back hurriedly. I’ll let someone else kiss him and hug him and love him and take him to bed… I’ve got tons of bears already to do that with.

Was he a predatory bear, or just searching for love and companionship? I’ll never know.

There’s another thought I had just now, but this is not about supermarkets. I was browsing around, reading other blogs, and came across a site where someone said he wanted to read blogs which were not trying to fix deaf people, but placed them and their lives in a positive light.

That made me stop in my tracks. I don’t think this is that kind of a blog, but at the same time I’m not pushing for miracle cures or whatever. To me, being deaf is not a positive thing, but I’m probably supportive of it in a way that says “this is what I am, and I can’t be the one to do all the changing.”

Often I think that’s my main reason for being so opinionated on the subject of overpopulation, which is a situation that overrides everything else so much, making small problems big and big problems huge. Everything becomes much more impersonal, there’s less space (e.g. the microscopic women’s room I was squeezed into in a coffee shop a few days ago), fewer resources, less patience, less accountability, less time, more competition, more output, more dogs to eat other dogs, and more rats to race against each other….

Can’t say I’m a positive spinner! I didn’t put myself forward as a candidate.

Still, it made me think. Being positive is always good. Humour is good, as is acceptance. And not every bear is a predator.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

2 thoughts on “Backing Away from Kissing Spots and Bears

  1. This is a bit of a ‘Stop in your tracks post’ too you know. I wonder if sometimes I am so caught up by being one of the dogs, (usually one of the ones being eaten!) or one of the rats…. I don’t spare enough time to think about things in a way you have. I used to be an expolrer… no, I never really went anywhere but I used to explore with my mind. Now I just accept and go along with…. It’s time to take a look at things and notice the issues. Not sure if your post was meant to take me here but I guess thats the joy of sharing your thoughts.
    As for supermarkets, well I can think of nothing worse than the prospect of being snogged by a sweaty, random shopper! hahaha, now if they placed a huggy bear near the kissing spot…that would be ok! :o)

  2. Thanks, Daffy… makes me think how the other dogs came in and ate your garden. 😦 But I’m laughing hard here! I wish the bear had been placed beside the kissing spot, and not the potaotes. Unfortunately he was way over at the other side of the supermarket, and (considering what he said on his label) probably fuming about it.

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