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Log-in Peeve

I know there’s probably a reason for it, but it drives me nuts when I go and comment on someone’s WordPress blog, and it says “you have to be signed in to comment here…” and I discover I’ve been sneakily logged out of my own blog. For the comment to go through, I have to go back to this Aw Diddums blog and log in again. Hiss, growl, miaow.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

2 thoughts on “Log-in Peeve

  1. This is a real issue many places. Blogger and Gmail do not play well together; I had a blogger ID for years separate of course from my Gmail account, and when they merged the two a few years back, I really cut back on reading blogger blogs because I got SO tired of getting logged out of my EMAIL! And since I didn’t want to leave comments under my real (email) ID on blogger, that forced me to log out, etc. OMG what a headache. I really wish they would not combine so many of these things.

    One trick is to use different browsers, but that’s annoying having different programs running. I’ve been playing with Chrome which has the best “stealth” mode (Incognito). Since this doesn’t permanently store cookies, it doesn’t interfere with the original cookies in your other tabs.

    Grumble, mumble, indeed. Right there with ya.

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