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Sleeping Fitfully

Last night I went early to bed and woke suddenly… realized Mum was having a bath. I don’t quite hear or see her but the bathroom wall booms hollowly at the head of my bed. After that she went to bed and I fell asleep again.

Much later I woke again, and thought “well, probably it’s early in the morning now, about 6 or 6.30, and I can get up and catch up on computer stuff.” Checked my watch, which said it was only 2.55 in the morning. Gah.

I hate lying awake at that sort of time… it’s too early to get up and you start worrying about stuff. The more you worry, the less sleepy you feel. You feel as though there’s nobody else in the whole wide world, just you. It’s you everything will happen to. Your tooth aches and you try not to think about it.

In the end I put on the light and sprayed myself with Euphoria (I love sleeping in a warm nest of that kind of fragrance just after a shower, though Mum says she doesn’t like going to bed wearing perfume. People are so different). Then I stared blankly at the room, lit up in a dull yellow glow, and thought, “if I turn out the light, I’m back to square one… just lying awake and getting depressed. The thing to do is distract myself.”

Although I couldn’t sleep, I was too tired to read a book or write novels, so I picked up a notepad that happened to be lying there, and made notes. It was just a list, and I ticked some of them off, and then turned out the light. Funny… but that worked! I was asleep within minutes.

Today I was no brighter, but started playing a CD I bought for 50p in The Shelter. It’s ‘Up’ by Right Said Fred. I have the album, but it’s so convenient to have it playing here on CD! I found it cheered me up, especially the song Do Ya Feel.

Fight it all you want, it’s a love machine… fight it all you want, it’s a love machine.

There doesn’t seem to be a YouTube clip of it, but it has such a great beat. Doom-dacky, doom-dacky, doom-dacky, doom-dacky… “Joan speaks French, not a word is said…”

Those Simple Things (the final track) is one I always liked. That YouTube video is rather good… I think the snail is me.

Deeply Dippy is a favourite too, of course.

I like what I like — especially when it cheers me up and only cost 50p!



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

2 thoughts on “Sleeping Fitfully

  1. its very irritating when that happens.

    i find it annoying when its 4:55 and I can’t get back to sleep and I have 50 mins to go before the alarm goes off

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