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Still on the Scent of the Perfect Fragrance

My latest tester bottles of perfume…

Jennifer Lopez ‘Glow’ — 2
We both loved this… strong and sweet without being heavy. Had spice in the heart of it. I suspect Mum liked it better than J Lo Live, but after all these perfumes I’ve tried, I can’t quite remember Live now and can’t make a direct comparison for myself. I see the pair as being neck and neck. Glow reminded me strongly of something, and it wasn’t till I was going round Woolworth that it hit me… rose and lemon Turkish Delight! The fragrance had stamina and was still Delighty much later (‘flowery’ to Mum).

Britney Spears ‘Curious’ — 2
At first Curious seemed a lighter version of J Lo Glow, without the spice. As time passed, it grew lighter, ending up as a sheen of sweet vanilla-y powder, whereas Glow never wavered in its Turkish sweetness. I liked Curious and would be happy to wear it, but it didn’t have a chance when compared directly to Glow (I had one on one wrist and the other on the other). Pretty blue bottle… would be a nice Christmas present for someone.

Katie Price ‘Besotted’ — 0
Light and pleasant in a pretty bottle, but it didn’t stand out at all. Finishes with a powdery scent, a bit dull. I would say it was a little girl’s perfume (at least that’s what it was like on me!) The tester bottle I tried was on a small island of selected perfumes in some pharmacy… it was teetering dangerously on a box at the back of the island (where anybody could sweep it off with a bag) and I said to Mum I didn’t think it would last out the day.

Christian Dior ‘J’Adore’ — 0 (my sister E stood in for Mum in the ‘sniff test’)
Before I say much about either of the Christian Dior fragrances here, I have to confess I put too much on… they came blasting out of their respective bottles and ran down my wrists. Enthusiastic products, the pair of them. J’Adore was the strongest to start with… E says it’s like soap, which is probably a fair comment. A nice light flowery soap that wafts everywhere with great gusto, but it didn’t interest me very much. I like it better as it cools, but to start with, it’s more overpowering than Pure Poison. Finally it slows and disappears, and Pure Poison takes over.

Christian Dior ‘Pure Poison’ — 0 (my sister E stood in for Mum in the ‘sniff test’)
Hmm… odd one. E said it smelled of nothing in particular. It makes me think of the inside of someone’s party-going clutch bag, or a pile of freshly washed laundry from the laundromat. At least one of the Christian Dior perfumes (I suspect J’Adore) made me feel a bit nauseous for a while, and my eyes smarted… it could just be that I put too much on. I’m still recovering from the Dizzy Virus, with a touch of the unsolicited ‘hangover’, so I won’t make too much of it. The longer I wear Pure Poison, though, the sicker I feel. It’s almost as though fluff from a tumble dryer is catching at the back of my throat.

I have a confession to make… I bought Paloma Picasso. (Chews lip guiltily). It had more of a ‘mark-down’ in price than some of the others (down from £35 to around £19), and I felt I owed Boots a little something after sniffing so much of their perfumes! I put J Lo Live in my Santa Claus letter so I’m resisting that one for now.

I would have got J Lo Glow, but it was locked away in the glass cabinet, and you know what I’m like about asking for things…! I was able to pick up a box of the Paloma Picasso from the special offer stand, which I was thinking about anyway, as it was such a good price, and there were only two boxes left (panic) so… I’m going to have to wear a lot of perfume to get through it all before it goes stale. I’ve still got my White Satin, and there’s the £1 Miranda, and Calvin Klein’s Euphoria. And now Paloma Picasso.

I would wash off this Christian Dior so I can make a start on my growing stash, but it seems a waste. So I won’t. For the rest of the day I’ll be a muddled mixture of J’Adore and Pure Poison (so what’s new?)

The following is my updated list of perfume (the original, older list is in All the Perfumes of the High Street). The score ‘2’ means both Mum (or E) and I liked it. ‘1’ means either I liked it or she did… if it’s low down in the list, it tends to mean she liked it but I didn’t!

My list is a little eccentrically arranged; for instance, I gave Miranda 0.5 from each of us, but I put a 0-scoring perfume (Besotted) ahead of it. There are explanations, I guess; sometimes I quite liked a perfume but it didn’t suit me or I was reacting to it slightly… and we gave Miranda the score we did because it wasn’t as bad as we expected from a £1 bottle of perfume. It doesn’t mean I would stop using Miranda (now that I have it), and it doesn’t mean I would buy Besotted. Life is never that straightforward. 🙂

The perfumes in places 1 to 9, I would buy.

1. Calvin Klein ‘Euphoria’ — 2
2. Jennifer Lopez ‘Live’ — 2
3. Jennifer Lopez ‘Glow’ — 2
4. Paloma Picasso — 2
5. Cacharel ‘Noa’ — 2
6. Marc Jacob’s ‘Daisy’ — 2
7. Britney Spears ‘Curious’ — 2
8. Mango ‘Delirium’ — 2
9. Monsoon ‘Monsoon’ — 1
10. Katie Price ‘Besotted’ — 0
11. Ricardo ‘Miranda’ — 1
12. Givenchy ‘Amarige’ — 0.5
13. Police ‘Wings’ — 1.5
14. Vera Wang ‘Princess’ — 0
15. Christian Dior ‘J’Adore’ — 0
16. Dolce & Gabbana ‘The One’ — 0
17. Britney Spears ‘Fantasy’ — 0
18. Cacharel ‘Anais Anais’ — 1
19. Christian Dior ‘Pure Poison’ — 0

PS J’Adore had faded by the time Mum got home, but I tried the Pure Poison on her, and she said “I don’t like it.” I said E said it didn’t smell of anything, and Mum said “if you offered her a sniff of pure cat pee, she would say ‘mm… very nice’.”

Seems a bit unfair, but E’s got more cats than we have! I’d feel more at home with Eau de Cat Pee than Pure Poison — I wouldn’t feel so unwell. Sorry. I’m going to wash it off.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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