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The Dizzy Virus and the Gallivanting Parcel

I was struck down by a Dizzy Virus, caught, I suspect, from a small Glo-E teddy bear. He was second hand from a charity shop, and people (including the child who used to own him) had been pressing his paw to make him glow. it stands to reason any of their germs would have passed from their paws to the bear’s to mine, when I did the same thing that they did and pressed his paw to make him glow.

Yesterday morning everything was a sickening whirl when I sat up, and I couldn’t imagine I would be able to get up at all. After a while it calmed enough for me to get dressed and wait for my backup hard drive, which was meant to arrive that day.

It never turned up, so at night, when I felt a little better, I ‘tracked’ the parcel to see where it had got to. At 07:51 in the morning it was being checked into its hotel in Droitwich, which is miles away. At 07.51 I had been pulling myself upright, in a fever of anxiety and dizzy anticipation.

I ordered it a week ago but it’s not hurrying. Maybe it’s taking in all the sights while sending me infrequent little postcards along the way. Three nights ago it told me it had left home and was ‘in transit’. I said excitedly to Mum, “do you feel it barrelling through the night?” and she said, “I can’t claim to have that much empathy with it.”

The next day she said we could go out shopping, and I said I wasn’t sure whether or not the parcel would arrive… it wasn’t supposed to get there till the day after, but that’s usually what happens. “How close will it be?” I enquired, and Mum said “I don’t know! Why don’t you open the door and look down the road?”

As it happens, I went out to town and the parcel didn’t come.

This morning I’m a little ‘hungover’ after the virus, but better. I checked in with the parcel and it had left me a note to say it was in the general area and was planning to pop in. I ran downstairs in great excitement and said “I can feel it coming!” I came upstairs to start typing this, and there was a battering at the door. It’s arrived.

Say hello to my new 1TB LaCie drive. It’s better travelled than me. It’s going to do back-ups (time machine style) of my desktop wallpapers and blog posts, so wish it luck.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

7 thoughts on “The Dizzy Virus and the Gallivanting Parcel

  1. Love your story and am green with envy about your package and your relationship, lol. I have my old drive on a flash drive that has lots of memory for more. Now, if I could just get into the habit (or remember to do it) of putting things on it, we’d have much closer relationship, I’m sure.


  2. Hi Elizabeth, maybe you could set up an incremental back-up or something else that would suit. I’m no expert, I’m only really getting round to some serious backing up now… and I’ve not figured it out yet! I don’t use any regular back-up software, I just copy things across to other drives when the impulse strikes me… which is probably courting disaster.

    True, Thomas, I didn’t even have a nice Babycham. Perhaps the Dizzy Virus would say I should have enjoyed the experience of everything rushing round like a merry-go-round, but I can’t say it was fun. 🙂

  3. Hello there! How are you!
    Droitwich huh? I wonder what you got up to in Droitwich!
    Babychams ! DO they dtill make them… and Snowballs, and Cherry B’s… *goes all nostalgic*
    Hope the dizzy spell hasn’t returned since.. keep of the teddies paw! ;o)

  4. Thanks Daffy, from me and LaCie both. 🙂 LaCie says he just put his foot up for a bit at Droitwich… and it was full of lots of parcels hoping to beat the Christmas rush.

  5. Having crashed a few computers in my time, I have a real bug now about back ups. I do own an exterior modem for floppy disks, and use it everyday for my journal entries. I saved the last CPU after it even forgot how to turn its own lights on, got advice from a techie, and he installed the hard drive into another protable flash drive with lots of back up memory included. That’s the one I was speaking of earlier. And I make hard copies of everything on my blogs. It might have to do with the awareness of my age, a ninety year old Mother, and a sister who can’t remember that she didn’t call me and let me know when she thought about it. And because I write about what I write about, I know for a surety that memory is a very slippery and selective thing. Makes one dizzy just thinking about it, lol.


  6. Ah… I thought it might be like it is for Mum; she just wants to put her files on a pen drive now and then, but she doesn’t have photos, pictures, blogs etc; it’s just letters and notes. Text files. She mysteriously lost a folder of stuff and nobody knows how… we wonder if the cat accidentally deleted it. 🙂

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