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All the Perfumes of the High Street

I haven’t stopped trying new perfumes in Boots. I’m keeping tally… for everybody the experience would be different, of course, especially as I’m told perfumes smell different on different people. If a perfume on the list has 2 points, it means Mum and I both liked it.

I hope none of your favourites are at the bottom, but it will just mean that they smell great on you but not on me. Favourites of mine might be at the bottom of your list. In addition, I might change my mind later and decide something is quite good, and something else not so much. If I can do that with Anais Anais, I can do that with anything…

In approximate order of the fragrances I liked best:

1. Calvin Klein ‘Euphoria’ — 2
I bought this and wrote about it here. This perfume has real tzing! Warm and lively.

2. Jennifer Lopez ‘Live’ (known as J Lo Live) — 2
I loved it the moment I put it on. It was a fresh, fruity blast. A friendly scent which faded slowly into sweetness, but was so long-lasting that there was still a trace of it when I tried to soap it off 48 hours later. Wouldn’t have tried to get rid of it normally, but was planning to test more perfumes that day! We asked Superdrug if they had J Lo Live, and they said it was sold out. “It must be popular,” said Mum, raising her eyebrows. Disappointing… I mean, the more popular it is, the less likely they are to stop making it, but I don’t want it to be sold out when I try to buy it. Back off, girls — Diddums coming through.

3. Paloma Picasso — 2
Wow, what can I say? Very bright and unusual. It’s the second most Christmassy perfume on the list. I decided to put it above Noa because Paloma Picasso impressed me immediately, whereas Noa took a few minutes to grow on me.

4. Cacharel ‘Noa’ — 2
At first I thought it was an ordinary but pleasant floral scent… then the spice kicked in! It’s the most Christmassy of all the perfumes on this list. I said that to Mum, then looked it up on the internet and found it’s got incense in it. As it grabbed my attention so much, even after falling in love with J Lo Live, I had to place it fairly high on my list. I checked for it on the Superdrug site and it said ‘noa results for Noa.’ Just kidding… about the spelling!

5. Marc Jacob’s ‘Daisy’ — 2
Very, very nice. I don’t know for sure if I like it better than Delirium or not, as I’ve tried so many perfumes by now that I can’t remember Delirium. Daisy is a light, unusual, summery scent which lasts reasonably well, but it doesn’t have the bite that I’m beginning to realize that I’m looking for in my most favourite perfumes. (I wonder if that says anything about me?) I loved it anyway, and would buy it any day.

6. Mango ‘Delirium’ — 2
Extremely light, fresh and floral; reasonably long-lasting and didn’t go stale. Would be happy to find it in my Christmas stocking.

7. Monsoon ‘Monsoon’ — 1
Mum didn’t like it but I thought it was brighter and more ‘party-going’ than Delirium. It didn’t last as long, though… faded quite fast. Very pretty packaging. It’s mentioned and pictured here but there isn’t much information on it as yet.

8. Ricardo ‘Miranda’ — 1
100 ml bottle for £1 from the Pound Shop! I didn’t get to test it first but who can resist purchasing a perfume for £1? When I tried it at home, my first impression was that it was like a fizzy sugary drink for children… Creamola Foam came to mind. It wasn’t as bad as we feared, quite light and not overpowering, and faded not too quickly (gone before bedtime) leaving — uh — a warm vanilla scent. Maybe half a point from each of us, resulting in a score of 1. Does this prove I have horrible taste…. that I’ve rated it above certain expensive scents? I’m using it as my ‘everyday staying at home perfume’, so that can’t be bad.

9. Givenchy ‘Amarige’ — 0.5
I liked this at first, and can easily imagine it being another person’s favourite perfume, but it was too cloying on me. Mum didn’t like it at all. I said it’s like Anais Anais without the headache, but Mum said “no it’s not”. I’ve read that those who wear it have learned to put on just a little.

10. Police ‘Wings’ — 1.5
Not as floral as Delirium or Monsoon. It’s quite sharp at first blast but settles down. Potentially overpowering if you were to put too much on — I have a sensitive throat and it was a touch irritated. Mum liked it; I quite liked it too, but there are others I like more.

11. Vera Wang ‘Princess’ — 0
Very vanillay. It made my eyes smart, but at least it didn’t bring on a headache, so it stays in the ‘wearable’ section of my perfume list. Mum said it reminded her of a perfume she used to know, but she couldn’t put her finger on what. I suggested it was because of the vanilla. It fades into a warm and comforting aroma.

12. Dolce & Gabbana ‘The One’ — 0
Mum tried this. Wasn’t really our type, though there was nothing especially off-putting about it.

13. Britney Spears ‘Fantasy’ — 0
Very pretty bottle, but this one didn’t smell good on me… it’s probably lovely on others. I will have to try the Midnight Fantasy some time, maybe I’ll fare better with it.

14. Cacharel ‘Anais Anais’ — 1
I described it as a family staple, but I reacted to it the other day! Headache, nausea, giddiness… I had to scrub it off and use an unperfumed moisturizer to help subdue any traces. I gave the atomizer to Mum, docked a point and put it at the foot of my list. I used to wear it but you can’t maintain a liking for it when you feel as though you’ve just been mobbed by lilies in hobnailed boots.

I nearly tried Mango ‘Adorably’ but held it to my nose first, and thought “gack!” Hurriedly replaced the cap. I think I’ll leave that one as a last resort.

I will continue to add to this list… there are plenty more I’m looking forward to try, such as Paul Smith ‘Rose’ (I love rose scents), Dolce & Gabbana ‘Light Blue’, Lancome ‘Magnifique’, Diesel ‘Fuel for Life’ etc.



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7 thoughts on “All the Perfumes of the High Street

  1. “you’ve just been mobbed by lilies in hobnailed boots”

    That amde me laugh out loud.

    I’m rather fond of vanilla and sandalwood oils from the Body Shop. I find a lot of perfumes make me sneeze, so I have trouble finding one I like enough to wear…I’ve never done an active search though. perhaps that is the thign….

  2. I’ve just tried a perfume oil, it goes a really long way. 🙂 I’ll have to raid the Body Shop as well.

    The active search is quite fun… it leaves me wondering where I’ve been all these years, especially when I read other reviews.

    Hi Pete, Mum likes Chanel No 5… I bought her some as a gift once, knowing that. It’s probably more ‘her’ than Anais Anais is.

  3. I love the Daisy bottle… I don’t think I’ve had a perfume that wasn’t in a canister or a fairly plain bottle. I’ll add Burberry Touch to the list of perfumes to try. 🙂

    Spluttered with laughter at Pacian… more exam notes on their way!

  4. My friends gifted me J .lo (LIVE) on my birthday . I really loved its fragrance . IT lasted the whole day long , I felt fresh & energetic. From the moment I wore it ,i felt like a celebrity & I
    thank all my friends for making me feel so special on my birthday.

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