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“Top notes of pomegranate, persimmon and lush green accord; within the heart imparts a mysterious and intoxicating feeling through notes of rich black orchid, dewy lotus blossom and sensual champaca flower. The drydown provides a lasting signature of liquid amber, black violet, cream accord and mahogany wood.”

I’m at the heart of it now… the rich black orchid, dewy lotus blossom and senusal champaca flower. I’ll reach the mahogany wood in my sleep.

Euphoria came with quite a mark-down at Superdrug — perfume by Calvin Klein. It’s ‘weekend only’; presumably back to full prices on Monday.

I meant to try all the perfumes till I found the one I liked the most, but soon realized it wouldn’t be that easy… I was going to get caught along the way. Probably this will be an ongoing process, collecting the odd bottle of magic; something that most women started years ago. I couldn’t have afforded perfume for a long while, and it’s only now I’m starting to twitch my nose outside my burrow. Even if I’d tried perfumes a couple of years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to buy anything I fell in love with… it’s best just to stay out of the way and not fall in love.

I wonder if it’s a more restricted life when you can’t branch out and try everything in case you are pulled out of your depth? But perfumes… I don’t know. We don’t need perfumes. Perfumes can be toxic, as well as prone to go off in their little dusty bottles when we’re not looking. We’re likely to be better off without. Yet here I sit wreathed in Euphoria, loving every moment of it.



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