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ScribeFire Lake

I’ve got some suspicions about how I came to lose the draft I was working on in ScribeFire. It saves the drafts automatically… so I didn’t hit the wrong button; it just saved itself at an inopportune moment.

In this case, I opened up ScribeFire, which had my post waiting there. Before it was fully displaying, I changed my mind and closed it again. I suppose the text hadn’t had time to appear, and ScribeFire saved it like that before closing (I noticed the hesitation).

And that’s it in a nutshell.

Something else that tripped me up: it used to be that every time you changed the title of a post you were working on, you got a brand new post with the old one being left alone… as a result, you might end up with four or five posts with titles such as the following:

Changing My Mind Again

I was banking on that, and only realized ScribeFire wasn’t doing that any more when I deliberately renamed a post from Post II to Post I, then changed Post I, secure (or so I believed) in the knowledge that I still had Post II waiting in the wings for further editing.

In fact, all I had was Post I, and when I deleted blocks of it, those blocks were gone. Fortunately I had a copy in Word (because of my previous loss).

People do unexpected things like suddenly decide to close a document again… and they develop a method of working which clashes with software changes we weren’t expecting. If you take away stepping stones without replacing them with some kind of warning dialogue, we fall in the river!

Actually, this makes me think of a news item about someone who ended up dooking his vehicle in a flooded area because his Sat Nav hadn’t been updated to show that there wasn’t a road there any more. He blamed the Sat Nav, but people can’t help asking how it was he didn’t see the lake? I don’t know, I wasn’t there. But I certainly didn’t see the ScribeFire lake.


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2 thoughts on “ScribeFire Lake

  1. I do everything in a text editor, then copy and paste it where it needs to be at the last minute.

    Currently I’m using Notepad++, but I seem to always end up back at old DOS apps. (They weren’t as fancy as those programs these kids today have, but they were rock-solid stable.)

  2. I do my blogging on the Mac so I need something Mac-friendly… at least till I get one of those fancy new Macs that can run Windows. I can use Word for now, I guess, or even Eudora (it’s an email application but I can save drafts without emailing them anywhere. I put my own name on them just in case they’re accidentally sent).

    Meanwhile, I find what I’m doing at the moment is continuting to use ScribeFire; just making sure I keep a separate copy updated.

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