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Answering a Writing Challenge III

Part III of a writing challenge by Elizabeth at 1sojournal:

I never: bungee-jump or swim with the sharks. On second thoughts, I shouldn’t say that, as I’ve been in the Indian Ocean. Perhaps there were little sharks whisking around, and a few bigger ones further away. I was only little and not looking for them, so how would I know? I’m pretty sure I haven’t bungee-jumped though…

I am curious about: what other people think when they are on their own.

I remember: the sea breaking on the beach at night. It was so hot you threw back your sheet, and you were still hot. You thought about how black the sea was outside in the night, but it wasn’t frightening, as you only thought about the sparkling breakers, the sand and the coconut palms.

I also remember:
someone telling me off for typing ‘the Internet’ with a capital I, although it’s supposed to be correct. He says it will change and has probably already changed, and nobody with any sense will bother to give it a capital ‘I’. So now I see the spell checker telling me I’ve got it wrong, but I don’t do anything. I don’t like the capital I either, but it still bothers me… I want the green squiggly line to go away.

I am enlightened: by the words and experiences of others.


I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

3 thoughts on “Answering a Writing Challenge III

  1. 1. Metophorically speaking, I have done both. In reality, I am afraid of hieghts, and haven’t been swimming for years. Don’t know why and have to think about why that is so.
    2. ditto and that means I ask a lot of questions.
    3 and 4. I remember a great deal, so much so that I fear I’ll never have the time to write it all down, lol.
    5. ditto, but also by my own.

    Thanks again,


  2. I’m not fond of heights either. 🙂 I haven’t really thought about swimming… I think I stopped when it turned out I was allergic to chlorine (I don’t think they ever dumped that stuff in the pools I used to swim in). Urgh.

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