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Answering a Writing Challenge I

Well, as I have a hard copy of this in Word now, I can use ScribeFire to post it on my blog!

Answering a writing challenge by Elizabeth at 1sojournal:

I am: enjoying blogging and other internet interactions.
When I reread this sentence later, I thought it significant that I described blogging as an ‘interaction’ rather than some kind of platform where I write and other people read.

I think: too much. A few days ago I thought myself into a low mood. It’s called ‘remembering slights and wrongs, and brooding about them’. Elizabeth pointed out it can help to work through things in a private journal. I fear some subjects and avoid them, and if I do write about something bad that happened, it unsettles me all over again to read it later… even years later. But I wonder if laying out why one feels a certain way about things might help to make it less of a bugaboo.

I know: nothing’s ever black and white.

I hate: losing things I’ve worked on. An earlier attempt at this was swallowed by ScribeFire. I can’t remember everything I wrote (up to and including the point of ‘I hear’… which comes in a later part) and so I’m putting some different answers. I can’t recreate what was going through my mind before, as I was in a different mood.

I also hate: when people criticize those they’ve not met themselves or don’t know very well, or have never personally spoken to. What makes any of them think they know everything there is to be known about another person or family, and that it’s possible to ‘snap out of’ something they’ve never personally experienced? Some of those who are the most confident in their judgement are the least knowledgeable.

I miss: those days when I believed people actually listened to what you were saying and weren’t looking for an excuse to think the worst of you or anyone else.

I was starting to get a bit grumpy, but then I’d been reading some things that made my hair stand on end. 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Answering a Writing Challenge I

  1. 1. I’ve already responded to this under your recent comment.
    2. I was driven to my journal because of this statement and so grateful for that. Now, more often than not, people stop and ask me why I think that, or how I got here from there. Whole nother ballgame.
    3. ditto on this one. Not only is it not black or white, but it often has multiple sides depending on ones perspective.
    4. ditto again.
    5. ditto x 20 or more. I think we could, between us, write an entire book on this one, lol.
    6. or an opening to change the subject, or waiting to get up on their own platform, etc.

    Thank you for responding and I couldn’t help but do the same. Congratulations. ***** Just pretend these are gold, lol.

  2. I enjoyed reading this and I agree about the blogging description. I never refer to people who read my blog as readers, they are always friends. I do believe that.

  3. Hey! I enjoyed reading your thoughtful responses to this. You always say things that make me THINK.

    I know what you mean about revisiting things that are upsetting. I hate that as well. Nothing was ever more freeing years ago than finally barbecuing and burning up all the hateful, horrible letters from the ex-mother-in-law (that I’d kept because of potential for lawsuit if Chick was ever snatched from me). Charring those poisonous hate-filled epistles and never having to think about them again was the most wondrously fresh-air-breathing moment I think I’ve ever had.

    I’ve been reading you by RSS while I was away. I appreciate your continuous support and cheering. It means so very much.


  4. Ooh, gold stars — thank you. 🙂

    I agree, Daffy; folks who regularly visit the blog are friends. I would (and do) miss them if they disappear or close their blogs.

    Wow, Shu, I would have burned those letters too; there’s no risk of accidentally coming across any of them when sorting through your paperwork, and you’ll have no reason to think about them any more. Those must have been hard times, but you’re obviously a winner, as you still have Chick. 🙂

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