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Unbalanced TV Diet (repost)

I deleted the following post by accident via ScribeFire. I was trying to delete it from the ScribeFire drafts, not as a completed, polished and published post from the actual blog, so as you can imagine, I’m pretty annoyed!

I’m also annoyed because I was working on a long post in ScribeFire, one I had already spent a couple of days on, and that just vanished. The post title is still there, but the content is gone. Remind me not to ‘work on things’ in ScribeFire again — I’ll probably continue to use it as a handy code generator, but no longer for actual blog posts.

Frasier is comforting. A show like Will and Grace never grabbed me, but you can depend on Frasier. His apartment is home — you want to sit watching TV with Martin, or go out on the balcony to gaze at a Seattle sunset and the lights coming on all over the city.

Sometimes I crave Frasier like I crave a drink when I’m thirsty.

Mum’s TV habits sometimes give me the feeling I’m eating too many sweets, or too much salty food. It’s frustrating to see her flipping through the TV guide… skipping over Frasier, Stargate, Desperate Housewives, the news and anything else I was quite in the mood for, and ending up on MASH, Britain’s Best Dish, Family Fortunes, The Weakest Link, 1 vs 100, Golden Balls, Eggheads, Judge Judy, the X Factor and anything else that drives me crazy. I’ve even got fed up with Come Dine with Me. But it’s her TV, so I don’t say anything. I’ve got my own TV upstairs, and sometimes I’m too tired, lazy or company-seeking to come up here and watch it. Some channels are not available upstairs, including the one with Frasier on it.

So I read a book instead.


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2 thoughts on “Unbalanced TV Diet (repost)

  1. I’m having puter problems as well. Lost some important things from Myspace, like all of my friends. And puter is running quite slow. Need to defragment, tonight before I go to bed. Why can’t things run a bit more smoothly, lol. Cause then it wouldn’t be life, it would be a tv program.


  2. Computer problems are awful; especially when losing things… I couldn’t believe I didn’t have a back up anywhere of the finished post, just the rough draft in ScribeFire… I think I’ve got it back to the way it was, but if I added anything at the end, I’ve forgotten. I lost some comments along with it. Even Alexa was no help. 🙂

    Still, ScribeFire is what it is, and it’s partly my fault for not having a back up in a safe place of the finished post. I used to keep a copy of each post as I posted it, but I got lazy.

    For now I’ve done an ‘export’ of my entire blog here; I can replace it every so often with a more up-to-date one. It was surprisingly quick, and I already have an XML editor on the Mac, so I could look at it as an XML document. It’s possible to view it in Word as well.

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