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On the Wings of Perfume

They must be starting to recognize me in Boots. It’s a place I usually avoid as I don’t want to be tempted into buying toiletries I don’t need. So I go somewhere like Superdrug and just buy what I went in there to get. Toothbrush, shampoo, shower gel. No impulse purchases.

But ever since noticing the tester bottles of perfume, you couldn’t keep me away. I don’t want to walk out of there wearing such a hotchpotch of different perfumes that I feel confused and ill, so I just try one a visit… it’s frustrating, though. I considered forcibly squirting a second perfume on Mum, then sniffing her wrists every five minutes like I do my own, but that would earn me a slap.

So, scrub that idea…

I looked around for Daisy and Fantasy, as recommended by Daffy, (see here for the conversation), but couldn’t see any. Maybe one day I can ask at the counter, but for now there were all these untried tester bottles sitting looking at me. One I tried already, Mango Delirium, was still there, sitting up on the top shelf… but it was on the wrong box. I turned it upside down to check that it really was Delirium, and it was. Somebody just put it back in the wrong place. That kind of thing annoys me. It could have misled someone else into buying the wrong perfume! Once I found myself tidying up a sock rack in Woolworth as somebody had been replacing socks (backwards) on the wrong hooks with the wrong prices. Rrr.

I replaced Delirium on the right box, then picked up the most interesting bottle… it’s tall, thin and curved (like an aeroplane wing?), and proclaimed itself to be Police Wings (pour femme). I have to say it’s interesting; strong; hasn’t faded yet. Not as floral as Delirium or Monsoon. It’s quite sharp at first blast but settles down. Potentially overpowering if you were to put too much on — I have a sensitive throat and it’s a touch irritated. I was unlocking a garden gate so we could go in and feed someone’s cat, and Mum said “I can smell it standing over here!” She said she liked it, though.

So far the ‘like’ tally is:

Delirium — 2
Monsoon — 1
Police Wings — 2
Anais Anais — 2

Thought I might as well add Anais Anais as it’s a family staple!

Looking at the perfume corner of Boots, it’s like an armoury… racks and racks of gift boxes and individual perfumes of all price ranges, all belted into place so we don’t grab them and run amok. Dolce & Gabbana, Paul Smith Rose, Chanel, Joop!, Cerruti 1881 (another that Mum got me once), Obsession… you name it, it’s there. I think they’re preparing for a major onslaught this Christmas.

I can just see myself at the age of 80: “I’m not ready to choose one: I’ve not tried all of them yet. Fetch me that silver spaceship bottle from over there…”



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

5 thoughts on “On the Wings of Perfume

  1. Smells are such a primary sense. They can trigger off physical, mental, and emotional responses. My daughter was here two days ago and told her friend a story I had not heard before. When she was young and would be asked to do a load of wash, she would do so but always took the time to put her face into my shirts because they carried the smell of my perfume. She loved the smell and also the “extra” hug she got while doing this.

    That in turn reminded me of a young friend I once had who flinched away from physical touch. When I asked if she could think of a way to at least move herself, in some small manner, toward her goal of overcoming her fear, she told me she had already found one. She loved doing the laundry because when she took the warm clothes from the dryer, she would wrap the softer items around her and pretend she was hugging someone. Someone who was fresh, and clean, and gentle.

    Frangrances can be a powerful thing.


  2. You’re right; they’re very powerful… I feel sure that a whiff of something (a cleaning agent) gave me a flashback to my childhood… in my mind I was suddenly rootling around in my grandmother’s broom cupboard! I hadn’t even thought of it for years. Just as quickly, the memory was gone.

    Not that I was recommending ‘broom cupboard perfume’, LOL.

  3. Have done the same countless times and even learned how to change the ending of the memory that had been called up in such a fashion, healing the emotional content that came with it.

    Nor would I recommend “beer fumes” as eu de cologne, yet it was that that triggered off the learning process that allowed me to understand just one more thing about working with memories.


  4. I was told (by a perfume lady) that body chemistry can greatly affect a perfume’s aftertones and how long it lasts…so it may smell different or last longer on your Mum than you. I find the problem is, I like perfume once it’s gone from the initial scent to the indertones…it’s why I like Delerium…it has a scent of rose and chocolate to it when it lingers…
    I am very sad to know they have stopped making Sung cologne for men. I find it to be unbearably yummy when my husband wears it…hope there is something else out there to repalce it. 😦

  5. Maybe there will be something like Sung around — take him shopping and squirt tester bottles on him. 🙂 I like the undertones as well, which is why it’s so disappointing when it fades too quickly. It almost makes you want to buy it just so you can keep topping it up…

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