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Diddums’ Half Dozen

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Here are the rules:

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1. I won a Christmas card contest at school and can’t think why. The other entries must have been abysmal.
2. I had a wart on the back of my thumb for years, and it only went away when I finally stomped across to the nurse and had it removed. (It was supposed to go away by itself but nobody explained that to the wart).
3. I used to wear contact lenses… but didn’t like them.
4. Once in Edinburgh, wearing hard contact lenses, a speck of dust flew into my eyes and made me cry helplessly (and not for the first time). I took refuge in St Giles Cathedral, which just happened to be nearby.
5. Another time I got the ‘speck of dust’ thing and tears started pouring down my face when I was talking to an American girl. I told her it was just my wretched contacts, but she never believed me, and was convinced for ever after that I’d been homesick or upset about something.
6. You would think I would get homesick easily, but that’s never been the case. Not wanting to be where I am doesn’t always translate into missing home. I’m more likely to miss the past… perhaps that’s an alternative form of homesickness.

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I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

6 thoughts on “Diddums’ Half Dozen

  1. Your no 1 is really sweet. Why do we always ‘do ourselves down’ when we avhieve something? I do the same. You won the competition because you had the most super entry! ;o)
    I can’t wear contacts either, although, I’ve never tried, I just can’t bear to put things in my eyes and that’s enough to put me off!

  2. Well, maybe it was the superbright colours (typical me). They might have thought it was a funny picture (seeing as I was in the younger group and they weren’t expecting Van Gogh).

    Who knows. 🙂

    I remember one of the opticians saying that when he teaches people to put contacts in, they always lean away from the approaching contact lens and gape. Sort of “aaaaa……”, probably. I got the hang of it (after a bit of practice) but it certainly wasn’t fun.

  3. It probably is. 🙂 It would be more than just a day trip, I guess. He would also need to see the Castle, the Camera Obscura (if it’s still there), etc…

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