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Singing My Own Airs

I’ve been at the tester perfumes in Boots again. I wish I could say I’m smelling of Monsoon, but I’m not, as it’s worn off already. I liked it; it was a livelier fragrance than Delirium – but it faded by teatime, whereas I could still smell Delirium the next morning.

I’ve decided to try one perfume a visit. It should be fun to pick out my very favourite and get it. Delirium heads my list so far, though both would be nice to have.

There’s a little bit of late rebellion going on here… I used to wear the perfumes Mum got for me (like Anais Anais), and would avoid the ones she hated (which were most of them). I recently finished a canister of L’Aimant which was a Christmas present, and am now on a canister of White Satin, also a Christmas present. All told, I’m a dutiful wearer of fragrances, though I liked Just Musk as a teenager and insisted on wearing that for a while. I ruined it for myself eventually when the smell of Dad’s new car made me feel queasy, and I put Just Musk on a tissue and held it to my nose… after that, I associated the smell of Just Musk with feeling ill. Stupid.

I asked Mum what she thought of Monsoon today, and she looked disgusted and said “no, I don’t like that. I liked the other one.”

“I like them both,” I said.

At home I found a box of Anais Anais perfume waiting on my chair, still boxed. She found it in a charity shop at half price, obviously an unwanted Christmas present. Hmm… yes, I like Anais Anais, but I’ve worn it before, and Mum wears it herself. I want something different… something I chose myself.

In Tesco’s, I noticed they were selling chocolate eclairs at half price, so I put them in our basket. Mum wrinkled her nose and said, “I don’t like eclairs.”
“I like them,” I said. I had two tonight.



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13 thoughts on “Singing My Own Airs

  1. I read one time that scent and memory are closely related. I know every time I smell marigolds I think of my mother’s garden in Chillicothe, Ohio, when I was all of six. There are other smells that immediately take me to other places and times.

    It’s a pity you associate Just Musk with feeling ill- but I can see how it could happen.

  2. Your marigold memory is lovely… it shows how some things are never lost in the mists of time. Meanwhile I could try Just Musk again some time to see if the bad association still clings… hopefully it’s faded! Or I could retrain myself by deliberately associating it with something nice, like chocolate eclairs…

  3. I like delirium too.
    I’ve been saving up for some…
    Apparently having a good perfume person is rare in stores nowadays. A lady at the local hudson’s Bay claims to have been sent to study under a perfumerist (my word not hers) in Paris to learn abbout how scents are built and she knows her stuff…undertones, bases and can help you find what you like. She was retired, but they bring her in twice a week to work at the cologne and perfume area. I like to visit when she’s there…she brings me lovely things to smell.
    Some perfumes out there are just awful…often I step into the elevator at work and can smell who was there before me…”you put too much on love” I’ll think, but sometimes it smells lovely. Other times I can’t wait to get out of there fast enough…

  4. The boss I didn’t like wore a perfume I also didn’t like… you could tell she had been in your corner because of that perfume of hers. I look to keeping pot pourri in a drawer in an effort to combat it.

    Maybe the heaviest perfumes are refreshed frequently; I tend to put perfume on in the morning or when getting ready for an occasion, and that’s the end of it. I tend to think I’m the only one who can smell it anyway, but perhaps that’s a dangerous thing to assume. 😉

    I’m glad it’s not just me who likes eclairs, Kate… one more to go. 🙂

  5. Anais Anais was my mums favourite too so I have a bottle for when I am missing her lots more than usual, then I’ll sit sniffing my wrists for an hour. (It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad but enough of my maudling mood!)
    Perfumes are my specialist subject, should I ever get to go on Mastermind.
    I suggest you try Daisy, by Marc Jacobs. This is not a strong/headachy smell. It is very light and slightly floral (Daisy! doh!) but long lasting.
    Fuel for Life Diesel is a little stronger (woody)but again it lasts all day. The website for Diesel is pretty impressive too.
    You may think I’m mad here but for a wonderful, last all day and night smell, Fantasy by Britney Spears.
    Lastly (I think) I would suggest Samsara by Guerlain. (Very strong)
    I’m eating crumpets with inch thick Nutella on them….

  6. Hi Daffy, I can imagine myself reacting to Anais Anais the same way, one day, along with a few other perfumes.

    I was looking at Daisy, it looks interesting! Not tried it yet but there’s certain to be a tester bottle in Boots as Daisy is in their catalogue. I’ll have to try all those perfumes, they sound lovely.

    Yum to the crumpets… all my eclairs have gone now. Sigh.

  7. That’s a great site, thanks for telling me about it! I notice your Fantasy by Britney Spears is on their bestselling list. On the list of newcomers is Controversial by Jade Goody…. eek. Have you tried that?

    Of course I typed in Delirium… I can’t remember how much it said it was in Boots, I’ll have to look next time.

    Just Musk is there too, though launched by Mayfair. I have a funny feeling the one I wore was by Yardley, much earlier; presumably it’s the same cologne but a different maker. I’ll have to try it and see if it’s the same.

    I’m feeling quite nostalgic now. 🙂

  8. haha I know! I was feeling like that as I skimmed through all the perfumes I used to wear! It is a great site. Hope you find something smelly and cheap! (You have a good chance of doing so! I always point out the obvious. ) I’m just off to work but I’ll stop by tonight to have a look your meme. :o)
    ooooh and I’ve never been tempted by Jade, or Jordon, or Kerry (YUK)… no appeal. I only accidently discovered my love for Britney’s Fantasy after I had a whiff of the after-aroma from my daughters bedroom.
    I still yearn for Charlie and Avons Cachet! hehe

  9. Charlie is in Boots (I saw it in the catalogue)… my friend next door wore it, and somebody (might even have been her mother) gave me Charlie talcum powder for Christmas once.

    I’ve just realized the little blue tin cup I recently threw out was probably it.

    Oh, Cachet, I forgot about that. I’ve a feeling I had a mini bottle of that. Gave it to Mum when I came across it; she collects perfume bottles (not very enthusiastically, just the odd one). It was a nice fragrance.

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