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Plucking at the Strings of Memory

Memory’s a strange thing… someone (Stephen Fry?) said something on Sunday about banjos, and in a flash I remembered a dream about us playing stringed instruments as though our lives depended on them (which they did). In the next heartbeat it was gone. I couldn’t remember the dream, either before Stephen Fry said ‘banjo’, or after. Only fleetingly, in the moment, as though someone opened a book then closed it again.

Saturday night’s dream was about Frasier. I was Frasier, and was trying to do something or go somewhere without my father (Martin Crane) seeing. In the distance I saw him hirpling rapidly along, and got quickly out of sight. Then he caught me, and we had an argument, and all of a sudden Niles was there too, taking pictures with his little point-and-shoot camera, which rattled… only he wasn’t very good at using it, and the pictures didn’t work, so he got annoyed and jumped up and down.

I wish I could remember it more fully, but that’s all I’ve got for now. I woke up thinking “would Niles really have a point-and-shoot? Wouldn’t he have a top-of-the-range SLR, even if he never used it?” I don’t know… in my mind’s eye I still see him with a point-and-shoot, being laughed at by Frasier.

Once I told someone a dream in which I was a secret agent, some kind of James Bond, and I had a girlfriend. The person I told it to said he thought it was unusual that I would dream I was a man, rather than a woman. I hadn’t thought it was odd at all, but the comment rattled me. How could it be odd? It wasn’t odd, was it? Don’t other people have dreams or nightmares about being someone of the opposite sex, no matter how fleetingly?

I explained that it was just part of the progression of the dream… I probably started out being the girlfriend, then found myself in the shoes of the secret agent when he did something that impacted strongly on the girlfriend. I quite often change character mid-dream.

I still think it’s irrelevant in some ways who I am… it’s all about following the plot and seeing things through others’ eyes. So I was Frasier for a night… big deal. It’s usually Niles I identify with, with Frasier as my older sister. 😀



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