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Lurking Spider

The following took place on Thursday 16 October 2008, 00:22:

Mum crept up behind me with what looked like a wolf spider on her palm (unless it was a Lace Webbed Spider).

“You know there are poisonous spiders in the UK now?” I pointed out. “Including the False Widow Spider.”
“This isn’t a False Widow Spider, it’s a Stupid Spider,” said Mum.
“Why? What does it do?”
“It jumps into people’s hot baths.”

She put it down on my desk and went away, leaving it to scuttle behind a pile of Ty Beanie Babies.
Maybe I should give it some hot chocolate and bunny slippers now that it’s all soapy clean.

Actually, when you’re researching spiders on the internet, it’s a bad time for a cat to sneak quietly under the desk and brush against your feet.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

2 thoughts on “Lurking Spider

  1. There’s a spider living under my washing machine with a torso the size of a large chocolate chip. He likes to run at my toes when i take things out of the drier just to make me toss my socks in the air and run off meeping. J will not let me kill it…he says it’s keeping “other” bugs at bay. *shudder*
    I do not like spiders.
    I’m hoping I will not anger him when I hook up the new washing machine…I want him to stay in the basement where he is 🙂

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