Only in America

I enjoyed this blog post Stephen Fry in America by Stephen Fry, though it’s long! Before you settle down to read it, you need to fetch yourself a mug of tea, coffee, Barleycup or whatever your favourite morning drink is. And maybe a plate of waffles heaped with maple syrup.

I particularly enjoyed his remark on the phrase ‘Only in America’… it’s a different view of the idea that the British are more ‘self-deprecating’ and ironic than Americans.

It’s so nice to read something that’s not about how the bottom is falling out of our world. Why do you think I got up at 6 this morning and developed a twitching muscle under one corner of my mouth! Well it was there for two days… seems to have gone now.

I woke up and stared at two of my best bears, and they stared back. I wondered where they would be a few years from now, and suspected they were wondering the same about me.

They nearly got drenched… groping for the light switch, I knocked my mug flying. There was a great splash, and I thought “oh no, last night’s tea!” Fortunately I’d finished it and there was just a little in the bottom. I opened my bedroom door and Mum was poised outside like a sleepy old deer caught in headlights (or dear, whichever you prefer)… I think my mug of tea woke her up, though not the way it’s supposed to. She said “are you going in there?” and I said “no” (though I’d meant to) and closed my door again.

We all need good news (and honest human truth) in the morning.


6 responses

  1. Stephen Fry does indeed rock. He’s interviewed about this series in this week’s Radio Times…

  2. Mum bought that yesterday… I kept staring at it in Woolworth.

  3. Stephen Fry is following me on twitter. The poor man must be bored to tears.

  4. I’ve seen people saying that… I wonder if he read blogs too. 🙂 (Polishes ‘Aw Diddums’ just in case).

  5. He might read blogs, which is a bit worrying because I have a link to mine on my twitter page. Once again, the poor man . . . LOL

  6. Well, that’s the beauty of blogs… you never know who’s reading. 🙂

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