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Dreaming of Gold

Out of curiosity, I tried my Vale of Tears dream on my old Dreams book. It says various mixed-up things about clear rivers, calm rivers, rough rivers… but apparently a muddy, yellowish river means you will be wealthy beyond your dreams. In my dream I had a very clear, turbulent river, with people (banks?) asking for help from others who were also asking for help, and not receiving it… but the muddy Mississippi dived into it and offered warmth and protection. I think of a dirty brown river as being more threatening than a fresh clear one, so it’s strange that both my dream and the dream book saw it as a positive thing.

As before, it makes me wonder what other people have dreamed and why certain interpretations are made.

Oh, yes, and I looked up Elves in the dream book. It says “This is a very fortunate dream, as it shows the little people are friendly.”

Well I had a nice elvish dream with muddy gold rivers. How about you?



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4 thoughts on “Dreaming of Gold

  1. Good for you. Maybe you’re in for some kind of “special blessing”. With some of the world economies being in the mess their in, wouldn’t that be a ray of sunshine?

    I wish I could remember my dreams. I really have to work at it. The other night I dreamt for the first time where I could remember at least part of it in a long time. When I wake up right after I can remember them and should put them in a journal right away, but instead I fall back asleep and then their gone.

  2. I hope the ray of sunshine is for everybody… there wouldn’t be any point being the only person to benefit, as everybody else would drag me down eventually. 😛

    Isn’t that’s how it all started… people couldn’t afford to pay their debts. If they’d had enough money in the first place, it could have been different. Well, I do not have a good head for finances; it’s all incantations to me… but that’s how it looks.

    Some dreams are very easy to forget; even if you sit up and think about it, the minute you get on with something else (or fall asleep), it’s gone. Sometimes something reminds you during the day, though, and it comes back. 🙂

  3. Well I think that it all sounds very positive and from two scources! I would love to have my dreams analysed. They would make for interesting work for someone. What book do you have? Can you recommend a one?

  4. The book I have is The Complete Book of Dreams by Edwin Raphael – ‘classic’ or ‘traditional’ interpretations, not particuarly modern or full. It’s interesting, though! I don’t know if I would recommend it above any others; it’s just one I found in a charity shop.

    They tend to feel ‘right’, quite often… for instance, dreaming about a parrot. I feared it would tell my secrets, and the interpretation in the book runs along those lines (though it suggests someone has already divulged one’s secrets)… I suspected that parrot dream had a lot to do with my blog. 🙂

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