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Signal Wiped

Yesterday the window cleaner came, and our Sky signal disappeared. It seemed too much of a coincidence. We ummed and ahhed for a day and a night, reading manuals and figuring out the likely cause of it – could have been the cables, the digibox, the LNB, or the dish! Which really narrowed it down(!) – then went outside and wiggled the minidish and suddenly our signal came back.

I looked online and it’s by no means unheard of; at least one person got the window cleaners to refund his £60 call-out bill for getting the minidish righted. Another person contacted the builders who had been climbing about on his building, and they fixed the dish themselves (they said it was a loose cable). I don’t think we would have passed the bill on, but it’s not one we would have been happy to pay.

I was just thinking it would be nice if the box had a code for this. Instead of saying uselessly “Code 29 – no signal being received”, it could say “Code 101 – window cleaner leaned on the dish. Press red button to return dish to its previous position.” Now that would be progress…



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4 thoughts on “Signal Wiped

  1. Sky ‘repair’ and call out charges are outrageous too mind you. The last time we had to speak to them, we had been getting new pipes throughout the house and when we tried to get it back together we had no signal. The chap we spoke to gave us some very handy ‘pointers’ saving us more than a call out charge!
    Window cleaners are a bit of a nightmare too. In our last house we had an off shot (Ground floor extension) with a flat roof and the window cleaner climed on it one day, put his ladders on it to clean the upstairs window and went straight through the tarpoline roof! Mad man! :o) (Thanks for the memory! I seem to remember he was a bit drunk too!)

  2. Good for you and your wiggling.

    On Tuesday a man came to mend my phone. Before he entered he put on some nice plastic overshoes to protect my lovely shag pile carpet. No call out charge.

    Another nice story.

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