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The Blogless

There was a long thread on the internet about whether or not people had blogs; most people who responded said “yes, here’s a link to my blog”… only one person said he was a very private person who didn’t have a blog, did not intend to get a blog, and had no interest in reading other people’s.

I thought “there goes someone who’s never read a blog, nor has he seen past them to the human beings behind… just decided (without looking or thinking very much) that all people who go in for them are self-indulgent, trivial exhibitionists, yadda yadda.” A genuinely private person probably wouldn’t even have said that; it was too rude and in-your-face.

(Struggles to cool down).

Found this old 2003 Times Online article, but it was quite amusing: The (not so) secret diary of a blogger. I followed the URL at the end of the article but you can’t read it without a password. Hmm.



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4 thoughts on “The Blogless

  1. There are people who have something to say, but don’t necessarily want to meet people, so they put up web pages. There are people who don’t want to say much, but do want to meet people, and there are many social sites available for that niche.

    I see bloggers as somewhere in between. It’s a place where we can express ourselves, but still interact with other human beings.

  2. My husband is that way – he has no desire for a blog or a facebook account and doesn’t read people’s blogs…he rarely even looks at mine. He only checks emails for work…
    He can’t type well, which may be an issue, but it’s just never interested him. He’s more of a diddlw with audio video sort of guy. I usually deal with computer stuff.
    I think he prefers to deal with people on his own terms…he’s never really understood why I enjoy blogging, but he says as long as it makes me happy and I don’t give out any too personal info (or give theives detailed plans of our holidays and what they could come take while we’re gone) he’s fine with it. He finds it odd, but neat that I’ve met people all over the world through it…but it still doesn’t interest him at all.
    I like it tho 🙂

  3. I often see people’s eyes glaze over when I mention blogging. I can see why it seems strange to anyone who doesn’t do it, but I’m sure they would feel differently if they did read blogs and understood just how varied they can be.

  4. Hi Thomas, I think there are other kinds of sites in between as well, and not all that different from blogs, as there’s a certain amount of sharing and socializing (e.g. deviantArt).

    That’s a ground rule of ours too, Geo… no holiday plans to be divulged. 🙂 My dad liked to contact others by radio, and would put pins on a map, so maybe he would have understood blogging a little bit.

    Hi Kate, blogs are so different, aren’t they; it’s impossible to generalize and say they’re all bad or boring or written by the self-involved or geeky or whatever. Blogs are just a cross-section of the population.

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