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Dreaming of Celebrity

Do you ever dream about celebrities? I’ve dreamed about one or two… Bruce Willis was one, Neil Morrissey another. There was one of the ‘Ray’ characters from Due South (Ray Vecchio, I think)… I didn’t even have a blog at the time I dreamed that. Last night it was Alan Davies’ turn.

In the dream we were on a coach together with other folk from ‘our’ office. I liked him a lot and wanted to be friends, but I knew that he got on better with another woman, called Jen. When Alan and Jen got together they smiled and laughed, and only had eyes for each other, but when I tried to talk to Alan, he stopped smiling and looked through me. It wasn’t that he didn’t like me; he just hadn’t noticed me as a person.

Jen wasn’t on the bus with us, so I was sitting in the seat next to Alan, trying to chat. Someone with a clipboard came aboard and stood at the head of the bus, asking “is everybody here, so we can get under way?”

I thought somebody would answer “Jen’s not here,” but nobody apart from Alan and myself had noticed, and Alan wasn’t saying anything, just looking at me with clear hazel eyes (are they hazel? or blue? or light brown?! I wouldn’t be a good detective) and was chewing his lip slightly in fine Jonathan Creek tradition. It was as though he was waiting for me to respond.

I said “Jen’s not here,” and Alan sighed and looked away, as though thinking to himself, “as I thought, she’s told. Why am I not surprised?”

I didn’t know why he didn’t want them to know Jen wasn’t on the bus, and didn’t know why he hadn’t asked me to cover up for her, and felt as though I had been dismissed as ‘just one of the mindless idiots who work here.’

Odd dream… hur. 🙂



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