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When my blog was hosted by Blogigo, there was a section at the top of post where I could specify what kind of mood I was in, and what I was listening to. Remember…

Mood: Sad
Listening to: Ghostly song in my head – Dream a Lie by UB40 mixed with Butterfly by Danyel Gerard.

If I could do that here, I would be saying… well, what I did say.


I made this Apophysis picture tonight while watching Forrest Gump. I thought I would be getting tired of the film by now, but I every time I see it I like it more. I love the way it constantly circles round on itself… like Dorothy Harris the school bus driver, meeting the young Forrest Gump for the first time.

He got lots of fishing boats, all called Jenny (‘the most beautiful name in the world’), but I wondered why one or two weren’t called Momma. I would like to think they were.

‘Momma said dying is a part of life.’

You watch that, and feel like a shrimp in a net, pulled away from all that is warm and friendly and normal. The sky is white, with the spreading trees a stark black silhouette. Under the canopy of green summer leaves lies the cold dark soil. It feels more real than anything – life starts there, and ends there. Like Forrest, you wish it were not so, but it is.

It’s one of those films that make you laugh and cry; Gump cushions you from it in a protective way that’s all his own, but you sense the loss and fear beyond… and the way life cycles on and on, starting and finishing in little loops and random encounters, and in the end you’re back with that feather, drifting away on the breeze.

My little red cat Delilah is a bit of a cushioning Gump too, I reckon. I was away in a world of my own, and she came and sat beside me, washing her coat. Then she leaned forward and craned her neck round to look into my face… her green eyes wide… and it was a stare that seemed to say “Hello? Is there anybody in there?”

Butterfly… my butterfly… stay a little while with me.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

5 thoughts on “Gumpish

  1. Your artwork is beautiful. I can’t imagine how you create such. I stand in awe (actually, I’m sitting in awe).

    I grew up in the area where Forrest Gump was supposed to be living/schooling, so it always amuses me to catch some of the insider references; and it amuses me even more that the UofAlabama wouldn’t let them film the UofAlabama scenes there out of “respect” for Bear Bryant’s family. So, some other location got some money and it looked okay. Take that, silly “respect”. Yes, there is always some new layer or comment heard before but more relevant to one’s mood each new time you watch that movie. I enjoy it so, too.

    My mood is “faded” because the kitties didn’t let me sleep a solid 30 minutes all last night, they were loving on, sitting on, lying on, and petting me (with stickers) the entire night. If I hadn’t been too work out to lift them, there probably would have been cat dints on the walls. So, off to bed to try again tonight 🙂


  2. I like hearing what people are listeneing to during what mood. I always find it neat to see what music people match up with particular moods they have. Sometimes I agree completely with the choice, other times I’m puzzled. Music is such a big part of my life it is neat to see it all around others too…

  3. Forest Gump is my sons favourite film. I think it is the kind of film that can have an effect on your mood.
    I used to blog on 20six many moons ago and you used to be able to describe your mood on that, and also add what music you were listening to. WordPress. Are you listening? :o)

  4. Hi Shu, I didn’t hear the story about the Uni of Alabama not wishing to be filmed. Maybe they wish they had, now. 🙂

    Looking at the internet, it said the Gump in the book was more aggressive than the one in the film… maybe that had something to do with it.

    I’ve had trouble sleeping lately as well, but nothing to do with the cats. Change of weather, maybe. I hope you get some sleep tonight!

    Thanks Geo, I haven’t matched up people’s moods with their songs a great deal, but I remember reading a post by someone who said she was listening to Don’t Stop Believing by Journey, and it (her post) was quite profound. She had me playing the song for the next week.

    Daffy and Pacian, so true; Forrest Gump is a wonderful film but it did send me off to bed in a dark mood. It stayed with me all night and didn’t wear off till I was tucking into my breakfast cereal. 🙂

    I think 20Six was quite closely related to Blogigo in some sense… I forget why I think that. A kind of sister blog?

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