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Is it April 1st? (Stares at Calendar)

Getting Jeremy Kyle to noise up people on benefits is sick The Daily Record.
Labour bid to work with Jeremy Kyle The Observer.
Government and ITV consider joint Jeremy Kyle series the Telegraph.
The government should not look to Jeremy Kyle for answers the Observer.
Jeremy Kyle humiliating benefits claimants won’t benefit us the Mirror.
Trust Jeremy Kyle to get the spongers back to work Times Online. (I have a different twist on how it *could* possibly work well, though it probably wouldn’t).
Jeremy Kyle Gets Britain Working – I kid you not! Steve Green’s Daily Referendum (interesting discussion).
Should the taxpayer pay for Jeremy Kyle? the Telegraph, opinion.

I’m still looking to see if it’s April Fool’s Day!

Presumably they would only show those they think are scamming or who have lost their way somehow… but who’s genuinely able to judge? People have made mistakes before and have executed the innocent and so on… I imagine whether they get their chosen victims back into work or not, this would open up all sorts of cans of worms, both visible and invisible, shown and hidden.

Thinking a little more: if it was found not to be as straightforward as imagined, they might turn round and say so. Which could be a good thing. Or they might hem and haw and sweep it under the carpet, which wouldn’t be quite so good.

When I was looking around for confirmation and other perspectives, I found this thread on the Digital Spy forum. Someone commented (and I’ve noticed myself, in general TV) that celebs, hosts and approved guests have a nice misty warming filter put on them, and others (especially those being scrutinized or criticized in some way) are thrown in a harsh cold glare that picks out every pore in their skin.



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2 thoughts on “Is it April 1st? (Stares at Calendar)

  1. Good heavens. Sounds like the Jerry Springer show on this side of the pond. I’ve never understood the appeal of these shows…maybe sometimes like rubbernecking at a car wreck if I’m in a particularly rotten mood, but that’s hardly an endorsement of it, is it? Plus, the people that agree to go on the show…!!!

  2. I think some of the ones who agree to go on have misunderstood their part in it, or what they’re being offered, or what is likely to happen. The boy in one article said he didn’t think anybody who knew him would see the show… but everybody in town seemed to know who he was and where he lived! Others who go on these talk shows, of course, are out for blood.

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