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Iain linked to this article on airbrushing Keira. It was interesting to compare the two posters! The ideal we’re chasing after doesn’t exist for anyone. Having said that, I wonder if I’m imagining things, or do her eyes look smaller in the airbrushed picture? Possibly if her lashes were thickened and darkened, it would have that effect… and it’s not an improvement. She looks more cool and Northern in the British poster.



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4 thoughts on “Keirabrushed

  1. She doesn’t even look like the same person in the airbrushed pic – more in the direction of a cartoon and less of a person one could and would take seriously.

    Although I wish someone would airbrush me in real life, it would NOT be to enlarge or fluff up anything. Instead I’d want the background dragged all around me to create a shapely line by erasing out all the ‘extra’ bits 🙂


  2. I think it’s interesting that the girl has treated some of the airbrushing like a costume, but realises that she just is the way she is and doesn’t want to take it too far. She is a tiny woman and happens to have very little chest…I don’t see the need to enhance it at all. It is what it is.
    I feel badly for young women trying to live up to the perfection of it all. We come in all sizes…we should get to see them all so we can accept ourselves as we are…

  3. Agreed. 🙂
    I’m torn, to be honest… I don’t think there should be any rules limiting artists and photographers; on the other hand, maybe artists, photographers and their viewers should develop a broader sense of both beauty and diversity.

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