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Thanks for Your Patience

Thanks for your patience; I’ve finished copying across those older blog posts from Blogigo. It was a dull process, which was why I kept you up to date… misery loves company! Some you won’t have read and might have liked, so there’s that as well.

Rereading the posts, I discover in myself a tendency to put ‘very’, ‘absolutely’, ‘really’ and ‘completely’ where they aren’t needed. I really truly must put a complete stop to that.

Here are the last of my old posts which I’ve carried across the river of lava and thus rescued. (I’m watching a teenager being rescued in the film Volcano. I don’t want to know if she is safe; I want to know if she hung onto her teddy bear).

Date Imperialism: very short rant about date formats.

Household Spirit: “In seconds, a small form appeared silently in the doorway.”

Pieces of Eight: I’m only keeping the really truly best memes. 🙂

Who, Which, What, Where? “Chani suggests that everybody answers these 35 questions. Sometimes I think it’s easier to give a point of view when prompted…”

Moonlight Sleeping on a Midnight Lake
: Struggling to remember my reasons for past actions. “I’m trying to sort through boxes and files of paper and notepads from my house. It’s a boring job and I really don’t want to do it – except that I keep finding some strange things.”

Tempted by Stephen Fry: on Firefox browser skins and colour schemes in general.

A Hint of Humanity in the Darkness: “I felt singularly useless, as though I’m just whispering into a void.”



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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