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Musing Break

It’s interesting looking back at the older posts because there were so many things I had forgotten about, such as tips on how to survive a holiday without blazing arguments, and…. but those links are being stored up for later. Newer visitors to this blog won’t have seen these before…. they were never on this site.

Yesterday was depressing because I deleted so much more than I kept. But when I have weathered the firestorm, the torment and the self-doubt (finger hovers over the Big Red Blog Delete key), I will be able to see how many posts I still have and what causes them to be visited… which I couldn’t do when half of them (or more) were on the old site. The blog stats there were disappointing.

(Conveniently forgets about her blogspot blog).

By the way, we have figured out that the crusty spot on Delilah’s upper lip isn’t food or vole blood… it’s a vole bite! Poor little fellow. I won’t be letting her blog any time soon; she would probably name it ‘Hunter in the Shadows’ and post snaps of her furry trophies.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

2 thoughts on “Musing Break

  1. I found once I started it again I couldn’t stop… there was so much there I didn’t want to leave. :-0

    I’ll probably go through all the WordPress ones too, but not till after the next editing project. 🙂

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