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Worth Keeping

I apologize if I sound distracted. I must copy my older posts across before they disappear by themselves. I liked a lot of the comments that came with them… You might recognize some of yours. If you don’t want them up there any more, I can delete them.

If you’re uncertain what to blog about, you could do worse than use the meme I pinched from Geosomin: Long Past My Bedtime. This is were we invent the bloguneral.

Next time you lose something, try this. It works for me…

Angle on abstract art: Reading the Leaves.

Another angle: Abstract Thoughts at Bedtime.

Minding our Ps and Qs: more rumbles on lyrics and lyrics sites (and giving pills to cats)

I deleted most of my Yorkshire holiday posts, but this one amused me enough to keep: Home Again: accidental discoveries on how to keep the peace while on holiday with the family.

Gave me a bit of a giggle… Mozart and Shelob. I kept hoping she would leap out of the photograph and devour the fly sitting on my monitor, but neither of them are budging. The only thing causing the fly to move is when I’m typing something and the text gets closer and closer… suddenly the fly takes a dozen steps away.

Coffee addicts will understand Yearning.

Not So Endless Blue… struggling to make sense of everything. “Life flows through your hands like water, and it’s impossible to hold onto any of it.”

Have decided I like the guy who was on Come Dine with Me earlier tonight. He made everybody wait for their dinner despite being determined to dish up on time (the best-laid plans o’ mice and men!) but he has some teddy bears in his bedroom, including one that belonged to his mum as a girl.

Bears rule, OK…



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

2 thoughts on “Worth Keeping

  1. I will check out all of the links but I’ve had a bit of a long night. (My dad has been off colour so I made him come to mine so I could feed him!)
    Sometimes we have a lot of stuff worth keeping from blogs gone by! In a moment of madness I deleted my Feathers blog from P27 and I really wish I hadn’t.

  2. I’m having several moments of madness now; I’ve lost count of the number of blog posts I’ve deleted tonight. But I copy them into a file whether I like them or not, so I can always repost (in the right time and date) if I change my mind later.

    I hope your dad feels better soon, but it must be nice for him to be looked after for a while. 🙂 The cats send him their purrs.

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