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Sharky’s Mum

Sharky dozing
Sharky dozing

Just this minute got an email from Sharky’s breeder to say his Mum has gone to join him now. Sharky and his Mum (we could call her Mako for the purposes of the blog post) were two of a kind, very charismatic. There was a photo of Sharky attached to the email, probably because he was Mako’s first boy kitten, thus a connection between me and Mako. Kristin will be missing her.

I feel as though he’s only just gone.

Am referring myself to my old Spring Flowers post which I copied across from Blogigo earlier today.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

3 thoughts on “Sharky’s Mum

  1. Yes, I thought of kangaroos when I looked at this one. 🙂

    Both cats could have lived some years longer, but then they weren’t that young either. Lovely, affectionate, intelligent cats, both will be missed. Wish I could have another of that family. Maybe some day.

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